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I believe that there are many men who are horrified by the rape culture in which we live, and who do not wish to be identified with rapists. I believe that they would be happy to receive information about how they can improve the quality of life of women in our society. I have to believe this, because otherwise I could not look my male friends, colleagues and relatives in the eye.

In about 1993 or 1994, I received a photocopy of a brochure/newsletter/booklet by an organisation called Men Stopping Rape, copyrighted in 1988, from a friend at my university. It was the first time I had heard of an organisation like this - organised by and aimed at men.

I was really impressed with what I read - I felt it was sensitive, and straight to the point, but in a way which did not stoop to male-bashing and would not necessarily make men feel defensive. What I felt to be its most valuable point was its willingness to educate well-meaning men about day to day activities through which they could unwittingly be causing women to feel threatened and/or degraded.

I have kept this copy through an inter-city move and now an intercontinental one. In late 1998, I decided to call the United States phone number on the brochure, not really expecting the organisation to still exist at that number. Luckily, the contact details were still valid, and I received permission to reproduce this information on my website. As soon as the Men Stopping Rape website is up and running, I will be linking it to this page.

All of the information which follows is copyrighted to Men Stopping Rape, Inc. Please note that the statistics and cultural background are American. Nevertheless, I believe that this can be of value to all of us.

What One Man Can Do To Stop Rape

Click on the diagrammes below in order to learn about how you can make minor changes to your day to day behaviour, thus making major changes to how the women around you feel:

the support spectrum
the rape spectrum

About Men Stopping Rape

For more information, visit the official new Men Stopping Rape website or e-mail Men Stopping Rape.

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