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Poema 20, by Nobel prizewinner Pablo Neruda. This is one of the most powerful poems of lost love I have ever heard, from the anthology Twenty poems of love and a song of despair. My first attempt at biligualism on my page, in English and the original Spanish.

I have been lucky enough to have lived in and loved my country at one of the most exciting and gratifying times in its history. These are my personal reminisces of the first democratic elections in South Africa.

My own Amazon Associated bookstore! No purchases necessary, it is here to share books that have entertained, interested and inspired me - please take a look. This section reviews non-fiction books.

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The section of my Amazon Associated bookstore which reviews books of fiction.

I visited the Atacama Desert, in the north of Chile, in May 1999 - read about the trip here.
(with photographs)

In March 1998, My mother and I went on a trip to Australia to visit my sister and other family members. This was the first time I had travelled outside southern Africa. Here is a brief report, with photographs.
(with photographs)

A collection of banners, mainly from people who have visited my site. Browse through them - you may find something that really interests you. And if you have a banner, submit it to me and, in all likelihood, I will display it here - another way to bring visitors to your site.

Power Relations in the Biomedicalised Birth Process, Part One
In 1993, I conducted anthropological research on the experience of childbirth in working-class clinics in Cape Town, South Africa. This paper is my interpretation of what I witnessed and heard.

Part Two of my paper, Power Relations in the Biomedicalised Birth Process.

A report on my cyber birthday party: 20 December 1997.

Etymologies of the triviads' names, A-M.

Etymologies of the triviads' names, N-Z.

An account of my first 'in real life' meeting with Caratacus/Roberto, who played an important role in my life for a few years, and the trip we took around parts of South Africa in February 1998.
(with photographs)

In June 1998, I traveled to Santiago de Chile to see my then-boyfriend Roberto. Here are photographs and a description of the trip.
(with photographs)

I lived in Chile for a year in 1998-1999. It is a beautiful country and the people there were very good to me. However, cultural adjustment is always difficult. This is where I 'vented.'

An index to the various sections of my site which relate to Chile

Ten weeks down the line of living in Ireland, nostalgia from my life in Chile set in......

In November 1998, I went on a whirlwind visit to Miami and to Disney World. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed myself! Photographs and descriptions are in here.
(with photographs)

england.html recently updated!
The trip which ended a wonderful two years of travel - two weeks in England, August 2000.
(with photographs)

An introduction to my stay in Ireland and travels in Europe, from September 1999.

A whirlwind tour around England, France, Switzerland, Italy and Spain - stopping to meet up with triviads Caratacus, Zhigulii and Kazzy along the way!
(with photographs)

This is an account of a trip to Dunkerque in France, December 1999. The purpose of the trip was for a friend with cerebral palsy to find an environmental control system which would allow her to live semi-independently.
(with photographs)

Links to the websites of family, irl friends and net friends.

grandma.html recently updated!
A letter written by my then 82 year old great great grandmother to her grandchildren in March 1913, telling them the story of her life. It includes life with an abusive uncle from the time she was orphaned at the age of three, settlement in South Africa just after the Anglo-Zulu war, her husband's role in the American civil war, the deaths of her children, and her life on four continents. A very powerful history.
(with photographs)

havedone.html recently updated!
Things I have done....

How Can I Tell You, by Cat Stevens - a beautiful song.
(with photographs)

human.html recently updated!
A sharing of ideas about the ethics of displaying human remains in museums. This is my first serious attempt to make my site more interactive. Here, I reflect the views of visitors to my page.

index.html recently updated!
The entry into my site....very important place this, it counts you as you come in and gives you a chance to sign my guestbook. This is really appreciated! Really! No, REALLY!

Living and working in Ireland.
(with photographs)

Easy to understand computer information from my cousin John.

In October 1998, I started selecting a regular 'link of the month.' This could be anything from a personal page to a search engine, in other words any site that I found particularly touching, entertaining or informative. Unfortunately I have been unable to consistently devote enough online time to sustaining this. From time to time, I add links to really worthwhile pages to my archive of 'links of the month.' Enjoy!

Images and information for creators of the sites selected as africamuse's links of the month.

I'd really appreciate it if you placed a link to my site on your own. I'm not too fussy about how you do it, but if you would like to know my preferences and find graphics which you could use, take a look in here.

In 1998, I was given the last-minute task of completing a whole section of the exhibition that South Africa was to take to the World Expo '98 in Lisbon. I had to write texts and select objects and help to select images, in conjunction with representatives from the provincial governments, to reflect the cultural heritage of South Africa's provinces. This is a brief report of my visit to Lisbon to play my part in preparing the exhibition for the public.
(with photographs)

One of those "you know you're online too much if...." lists.

map.html recently updated!
You're here!

An account of a wonderful weekend trip to Argentina in April 1999.
(with photographs)

I am grateful that Men Stopping Rape have permitted me to reproduce some of their literature on my page. Enter here to look at ways that all men can contribute to a rape-free society.

Men Stopping Rape - The Support Spectrum.

Men Stopping Rape - The Rape Spectrum.

Men Stopping Rape - about the organisation.

Poems about Easter Island, by Pablo Neruda.

An index to the sections of my page dealing with museums, exhibitions, history and heritage, as well as lots of links to museum websites.

Another of those "you know you're online too much if...." lists - this one my own.

What do you call a person with... Very funny.

An index to the funnier sections of my website.

ourstory.html recently updated!
This is our story, the beginning of our story.

A report on a short trip to Peru in June 1999, including the museums of Lima, the ceremonial centre of Pachacamac, and our flight over the Nazca lines.
(with photographs)

An index to my photo album. These pages are compiled for my family and friends, but anyone is welcome to wander in.
(with photographs)

More pictures from my daily life in Ireland, late 1999 to late 2000.
(with photographs)

Photographs of my then-partner Roberto and I in our apartment in Chile, where we lived together from 1998 to 1999.
(with photographs)

A variety of photographs taken in my first two months in Chile.
(with photographs)

Photographs of my first-level Spanish class.
(with photographs)

After first-level Spanish classes ended, the fun and games continued - take a look!
(with photographs)

An index to the sections of my site which deal with pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, etc.

Very funny...have a look!

In June 1998, during my first visit to Chile, we traveled to Easter Island, also known as Isla de Pascua, originally named Rapa Nui. This is the most spectacular, exciting, tranquil, beautiful, isolated place I have ever been to. If you travel to one destination in the world, it should be here!
(with photographs)

Probably the most personal section of my page, and the one that was most difficult for me to add. For survivors of sexual trauma, and also for the people who care about them. This is a sharing of the most important thing I learned about surviving an attack. I hope it can help you, as it helped me. Be strong.

An index to the sections of my site dealing with South Africa.

Tips for visitors to Santiago - things to do and places to see.
(with photographs)

Of 'historic interest' only - this page was my very first attempt to deal with serious issues on my website, which at that time was made up only of jokes and triviad news - a l o n g time ago.

A not-so-serious stress-relieving excercise.

My first visit to Switzerland, January 2000.
(with photographs)

Lots of useful technical hints and links here....mainly for page building but also for general computer survival.

If you're interested in travel, this is the best place to start your journeys with me. An index to my travel sites, it also has some tried-and-tested advice for would-be travellers, and my wish list of places I long to visit.

triv.html recently updated!
A special place for some special people....a group of friends in Yahoo Chat General who have been part of my life for more than four years now.

trivbirth.html recently updated!
A list of birthdays and other dates deemed special by the triviads.

An easy form for submitting information to my triviad pages (triviads only, please).

A location list for the triviads.

A place where the triviads can share the things that are happening in their "irl" lives.

A trip to Tunisia, February 2000 - a really fantastic experience.
(with photographs)

A humourous Christmas page, including Zhigulii's amazing Christmas poem for the triviads!

A typical non-triv conversation in the Yahoo General User-Created Triv Room....or why I used to spend half my life in that damn place, lol.

All the webrings to which africamuse's place belongs, as well as awards which it has earned.

The "entrance hall" to africamuse's place....a good place to start if you want to surf "aimlessly" through the rooms and simply follow your mouse.

An index to the sections of the site which contain poetry, music and literature which have touched me, with quotations.

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