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Updated: Saturday, 1 December 2001

In 1997, I fell in love. With a man named Roberto (chat name: Caratacus) who lived in Chile. This turned out to be one of the most significant steps of my life, simply because it turned my life upside down!

During a year of staying together in Santiago de Chile, it became clear to us that we would not be spending our lives together - I believe that we both walked away from the relationship with some sorrow and some pain and a great deal richer for the experience that we had shared.

The logistics of our relationship and its ending opened my world to me, a world of travel, of love of language, of teaching and learning, of experiencing, of friendship, of growing and growing up.

This webpage, with some slight differences, was created shortly after our first 'IRL' meeting in early 1998.

Well, we did it.  After many months of deliberations and discussion and preparing ourselves for real life disappointments, Caratacus and I finally decided to take the risk of meeting.  Being people who like to take risks thoroughly, if at all, lol, we met on Friday 13th of February.  It was the best thing I've ever done :)

We spent three great weeks together, in Pretoria, Pilanesberg and the Drakensberg. Now the long wait till our next meeting begins....

Apologies to everyone for being so secretive. We just didn't want to make a big deal about it until we knew for sure that we would work together.


Um, can't say, it wouldn't be decent, lol

The Zebra Incident (heheh you will have to ask Cara about that one)

Tasting fajitas for the first time

Listening to Caratacus try to speak Zulu, Afrikaans, North Sotho and/or Xhosa, sometimes simultaneously

Pilanesberg....everything about it...those days were just perfect

Finding the ugliest clock in the southern hemisphere, on Durban's beachfront

Fighting off the Bakubunga Monster (well...SOME of that was fun)

Walking (and finding the rock art) in the Drakensberg Mountains

Being coerced into the bungee rocket thingamajig

Finding the wooden horse at Durban's local cultural history museum

Being mistaken for honeymooners at the Drakensberg's Champagne Castle Hotel, to the extent that a welcoming card in our room congratulated us on our marriage


Saying goodbye at Johannesburg International Airport:(

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