PS That's etymology, not entymology (oops i mean entomology, it never ends, thanks edison - i think - hope i got it right this time, lol)...i know I said....but please stop sending me bugs....PLEASE?????

PPS Thanks to Caratacus for the idea :)

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Nana (because I'm a grandmother of a beautiful little girl who is 16 months old) and 57 because it is the year I was born....Great year for cars and women!!! haven't you ever heard of a '57 Chevy???


NebuIa48 tells you, "my name comes from my logon name to prodigy"
NebuIa48 tells you, "log on name is cygnus name is too common to get it for my self"


About 9 months before I was born my parents..........oops wrong story......OK when I first started going online I was always on my brothers I used his username which is many people see that name and think it's a girl and it was his username the 1st few times I went into triv I had that name...........then got my own yahoo account and needed a name so..........NY cause I live in NY.........tom cause it's mot backwards.....actually cause name is Tom............129 is cause my birthday is Jan. 29........and also wear 29 on put together it all equals NYtom129........tada...and I always use some form of name when doing partynames for triv


Well muse here goes

The ever wonderful origin of Pakifier

When I first started Triv I used my regular nick name Dakota but it wouldn't accept Dakota so i added the mirror image and came up with Dakotaatokadand. well people didn't like that so I decided to switch to my other nickname Pacifier (long story) Well it wouldn't accept it so I thought about my spelling class and I knew that a c sometimes sounded like a K so vola I came up with pakifier. of course everyone shortend it to Paki or Pak (like my fiancée)


here it is - not quite as meanigful as Paki's but nevertheless here is Paksangel/Morianna19/cat...

my name is Catrina.. usually when i introduce myself i say you can call me trina or cat.. ordinarily most choose Trina (which i hated-)-- whenever i was in trouble my mom would always scream TRINA DAWN!!!!!!.. so she can see why it doesn't sit too well with me lol... Well I then i got introduced to INTERNET world-- I wish i could tell you Morianna19 was a name very dear to my heart but the truth is i read a really sappy romance book set in the middleages and the heroine's name was Morianna .. and i thought she was pretty neat so that is the name i started out using (plain and simple)... well i added the 19 cuz i thought 19 was a nifty number and a lot of my friends used 19 .... Well most people loved Mori but my fiancé was using Pakifier and He always called me his angel well Pak's Angel sortof fit so.... and I have used that one ever


Spelling error, origianally tried to convey a sense of wonder, and inquisitiveness


My name Phobus comes from greek mythology. Phobus was the god of terror. The Greeks belived he was the god who caused fear. His mother was Aphrodite the goddess of love. His father was Ares the god of war.


Okay, how did I get my chat name. Well, I got the name Phyllis from my mom and dad, I was supposed to be Phillip, lol, they really wanted a boy. Have chat name as Phyl1 because I'm lacking imagination, and it was something I could remember in case I was passed to in trivia. Really liked the Phylsamusing name for your b-day party was so easy to add emote of herself on it


Pollie here :-)
well I sewed for years for a living...and polyester thread is the BEST so well there it is pollie_ehster was the first creative spelling not taken.....

Puck_of_Avalon (a.k.a. Big_Dawgg_98)

I've always loved "A Midsummer Night's Dream" and always related to Puck, so there's that explanation. And as for Big_Dawgg ... well, I wore lots of Big Dog Sportswear and so I just kind of adopted it.


im a radio and comm engineer


I try to be real. My name is Bob. Age is a definite advantage in trivia.


I go by the alias RingoRaccoon, which is the name of a Ty brand Beanie Baby.  Many people who've chatted with me think that the name is a derivative of Ringo Starr from the Beatles and thus insinuate that I am a Beatles fan.  True I like the Beatles, but I named myself after Ringo the Raccoon the Beanie Baby.  However, Ringo the Beanie Baby is named after Ringo Starr so I guess no matter how hard I try to disuade people, I'll still be named after a Beatle.

Sucks to be me.


Senga0 tells you, "agnes backwards, my mom-in-law's name"


I picked my name because
A) I am Korean and Seoul is the capital
B) someone once said I had soulful eyes
C) in honor of my mom


Well, er, how i got my name.... I have had many names since I first started Yahooing....most of them were jokes i came in with to show off with, but still.... basically, i chose Shadow_kitten cause i could not think of a better name that wasn't taken.
Yup. No good reasons here like on the other name backgrounds on your page, muse.


the origin of my name....well, my original name was squonk3....i am a genesis and peter gabriel fanatic and squonk is one of my favorite songs by them.... and 3 is my lucky number....unfortunately i spent all my time explaining what it meant or everyone thought i was a man, so i decided to find a more feminine name.....i was trying to think of a name to describe myself....i am a stay at home mom, i have two great kids, and i have overcome alot of hard times in my i was thinking along the lines of sittinontopoftheworld ( but that wouldn't fit, of course) i was thinking about it my husband came downstairs and said somthing like "hey my pretty one, sittin at that damn computer again i see"... ( nag, nag, ) and i though, hey - sittinpretti : 0 )

so now you know......


What can I say? It speaks for itself!! LOL But Softn..what? you ask Softnsilly? Softnsensual is what it used to be...add what you will.


Err why Spunky the Dog?...good Q, errr gng, no no..... I know this one, err hang-on errr..fear of cats ..did I win, did I, did I?????? I love cartoons and my friend has a dog called Spunky, who looks just like the cartoon one does. He's always pleased to see everyone and cheers everybody up. Also having a dog as a handle gives you another dimension to work with for jokes, humorous emotions and stuff. Being able to lick your nads and go Woof! is a distinct advantage.



Standswithasmirk says, " name originates from...of course...dances...but the smirk originates from what I have seen of life so far...hheheehe"


At the time, my favorite video game was "Killer Instinct" for the super nintendo. My favorite fighter was Jago, a tibetan warrior monk on a quest to find his destiny. I think this is a good way to discribe myself. Besides, I love ninjas.


Txyankee evolved due to my duty assignment here at Fort Hood in Killeen, Texas. I have a bit of a New England accent, and my first sergeant asked me if i was some "damn yankee." I told him yes and I was proud of it! Thus, Txyankee was born.


Kill me now!?! There''s so many things I have yet to do!! I still haven''t taken control of the Earth! It''s a longstanding personal goal, please wait until I''ve done so to end my meager existence.

Really though, my name origin is about as exciting as counting holes in acoustic tiles.

Trent=me, Trent. 71=birthyear, the only way I could get the Trent part.


My original handle was Not Tuesday, which is my cat's name. She was a stray, and my husband wanted to call her Tuesday, because we found her on a Tuesday (original, huh?). I didn't like the name, so I started calling her NOT Tuesday. Tuesi is the nickname I've been called on other ichat sites, so I shortened it


Well you see, its like this, my real last name means "Swift counsel wolf" according to most books I've seen it in. And my birthday is June 6, 1956. No imagination there! I have also used sunumbrella which is the name of the creativity wing of my brain, from a song I wrote about life, which says "You put up your umbrella and the sun comes out", also the name of my creative endeavors publishing company.


Was called Wombat at high school because of the way my bottom wobbled.

Then some-one made up a joke about wombats eating, rooting and leaving. Have been called wombat ever since.


picked name because have always been curious. Have been wondering about things since small child.


Well, the lagend has it that there was a mighty giant named Yo, that saved all human kind with a-nad of his eye ...

Naa, actually it began when I didn't know left from right in Yahoo so I picked up just some initials. Later, the name got a life of his own. Much more later, Yahoo decided that I should get a better model, so it ate my name and password, so now you have the "New improved Yo_anad2".

(come to think of it, probably Nebula_48 is MUCH more improved, but ...)


As for the origins of my "name", Zhiguli was the name of one of the more prolific brands of Soviet cars. Most of the Soviet premieres drove around in Zhiguli limos... When I was studying Russian, many of my friends called me Zhiguli and it kind of stuck. The reason I use two "i"s is because someone on Yahoo already had my name with one "i". Russian words are generally pluralized by adding an "i", so I'm actually suffering from multiple personality disorder... jejejejejejeje

NotEvenAMuse - zhigulii's amazing christmas poem for the triviads

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