PS That's etymology, not entymology (oops i mean entomology, it never ends, thanks edison - i think - hope i got it right this time, lol)...i know I said....but please stop sending me bugs....PLEASE?????

PPS Thanks to Caratacus for the idea :)

Enter your news, name origins, location and URL here!

A - M


nag, nag, nag.......o.k. it is....NO, i am not an acrobat!!!....real easy one....Max...(that's my hubby) for a company named Acro Extrusion.....simple, huh..... (:-Ž)


well i have now been well and truly pestered, harrassed and generally preached to by everyone i know for not putting my own name origins on the page (i'm working on whittling those wooden nags for all of you)! i suppose it is a valid point though...well here it is:

i live in africa, and my south africaness and africaness is a very strong part of my identity
i work in a museum and really love my work
i spend a lot of time thinking very deeply about things that i experience
i love to be amused :)

in fact, my name has absolutely no direct connection to the nine muses....anyway, they weren't african, lol....but the concept of a deep inspiration for thought or action is very real to me.

As for the frikkin_muse name, it kinda started with Tuesi. A couple people call me "frika" (also "frica", "frique", "fricker", etc., although i notice that more and more people are sticking to musey these days). At one stage Tuesi would use the term "frikkin" when "cussin out" anything...i told her not to use my name in vain, and the rest is history. I tend to use Frikkin_muse when i'm pissed at my puter.


Angus Prune is the name of a character from "I'm Sorry, I'll Read That Again", a B.B.C. radio comedy programme which was broadcast in the 60's & 70's. The show's humour consisted of the absurd & ridiculous, & was liberally peppered with awful puns.

Although the character didn't appear in any of the series, the signature tune of the show was called 'The Angus Prune Tune'. The programme was often abbreviated to I.S.I.R.T.A. & it later became affectionately referred to by it's devotees as "Radio Prune".

The only other characters which I can remember are Grimbling & Lady Constance De Coverlet. The choice was difficult. It was either Grimbling or Prune. They both sound daft. I could have been either. I chose Angus because it sounded Scottish. Ah, but you're right, I am English.


Just something I pulled out of a clear night sky.....big bright star......!!!!!!!!!!


A few people have asked me if I got my name by combining Archer and Troy from the film Face/Off. My name really comes from a character in a book called "The Antipope" by Robert Rankin. He helps defeat the Antichrist who's been incarnated as Pope Rodrigo Borgia. He learns a deadly form of martial art and knocks seven bells of shit out of the Devil's familiars. In one of the later books,he discovers Noah's Ark and takes it back to Brentford,only to be upstaged by the presence of the Great Pyramid of Giza on the local playing field. I basically picked it because I liked the sound of it. I have never to the best of my knowledge beaten up any of the emissaries of Be'elzebub or discovered any long-hidden biblical relics. Not whilst sober anyway.


Archibald has always been my idea of a silly name (with apologies to all real Archibalds), so Archy was a natural choice. Unfortunately someone had beaten me to that, and Yahoo wouldn't accept any meaningful comination of numbers to follow the name.

In despair, I looked around for inspiration, my eyes alighted on the can of Pepsi at my side .. and Archymax was thrust upon the world!

Sorry, nothing cultural!


My name? Simple, really. I like to think that at least once when I'm online, someone, somewhere will look at what I just said or asked and say to themselves 'Aw, for fuck's sake!'.

Say that quickly to yourself and it sounds like Arthur Fuxache! Easy.


BABYCRUSHER: This was a nickname that my friends and I used for our cycling team in college. We called ourselves Team Babycrusher. I believe that the name comes from the lyric of a song by the band Gwar that mentions something about an "intergallactic babycrusher". BTW, Team Babycrusher was never that good, placing no higher than 3rd out of a field of eight through 2 years of competition.

Mr. PASTORIUS: Jaco Pastorius is one of my favorite musicians, so I borrowed his name. "Mr. Pastorius" is also the name of a song written by Miles Davis (or was it Marcus Miller?) as a tribute to Jaco after his death.

more about jaco pastorius....including music downloads!

MAN_IN_JAPAN: This should be obvious. I'm a man. I live in Japan. Figure it out.



Having been nagged at for weeks, I thought I'd better leave the origins of my name at last. Funnily enough, my surname is the same as my fathers, and his fathers, and his fathers, and his fathers, and his, whilst still wet behing the ears, I got lumbered with the familial nickname......BAFF, from Bayfield. After coming into triv as Baff37 (my age at the time) for a while, and seeing so many felines there, and as cats are THE nicest of creatures, changed to Baffcat, for continuity.


Decided to be a screaming demon as that appropriately describes how I feel after a LONG day with my two kids (love those munchkins dearly ).

As for the 33, my football (not soccer) jersey number is 33. Hope that answers your question well enough to you soon!


The history of my name? Quite simple. I had the neatest grandfather in the world (or so I think) and he was quite a character...straight from the hills of Kentucky and just as funny as they come. His middle name was Beckham (he was named after some governor of Kentucky in the late 1800's). So I picked his obscure middle name for my handle.
I picked the 36 to follow the name because it has always been my lucky number.




Whee, didn't know you had a name page until I asked Linje WTF her name meant (duh, it's pretty obvious huh?) Anyway, let me find all my aliases and a short account of what they mean:

Smegaslog - Don't use this much on Triv... My friends took me to Virtual Worlds and I needed a handle... we just watched Red Dwarf the night before so I thought I'll be a Smegging Slob. I screwed up the spelling (fancy that)

StromMcLeod - Use this sometimes on Triv... I've played D&D since I was a wee lad, and my character names were based on books I read, up until I decided that was a little too uncreative. Strom popped into mind one day.
The McLeod part is from Highlanders.

PKMF - I went on Yahoo!Chat as Syronimus (my other D&D character name) and was totally dissed. (Well, it was the Asian Chat room... I wonder why they ignored me) So I thought, Ok, I need a more catchy name... something that people won't ignore and might actually ask me about it... so I thought ok... one of my friends from Berkeley's nickname was PK Ben (the other Ben loved Mortal Kombat, we called him MK Ben). 'PK' is also Hongkongse slang for "poke gai" which roughly translates to 'go to hell' so I thought PK would work, but is too short... ah ha! PKMF... 'go to hell, mother f#@*er'

BluRaine - so, I got dumped by this girl in Asian Chat and decided to change my name... my favorite pop song is by one Jacky Cheung called "Lam Yuu" which means... yup, you guessed it "Blue Rain"... Why is the 'e' at the end instead of next to the u? because in Asian chat, there was a reg called TrueBlue and people would yell "BLUE!!!" when he came in. TO differentiate between us, I thought I better mispell it.
Incidentally, a classmate of mine in 5th grade had a last name Raine.

And that, my friends, is a short list of the many facets of Billy Chan.


okay, okay, okay...My name origin is very simple. As a young child...grade school, i had the honor one night of getting to go with my cousins...cruising around. My cousin that was driving also had a c.b. radio in his car. I remember somebody asking him who I was...he turned around and looked at me and thought....hmmmm... Bopeep. Thus, that is where bopeep came about...There ya happy now???


None really, just like the sound of it. I have to admit I can be a real smart@#$ at times.


Since High school, I have been nicknamed Hobbit. I just refined it from just plain hobbit to Brandybuck, one of the ring party in the lord of the rings. I'm not a big tolkien fan. I just look and act like a hobbit..... minus the furry feet.

someone's looking for you Brandy....


I picked the name Capricornsistr because, firstly, I'm a Capricorn and secondly, there is a song by a now-defunct group called Mother Love Bone called Capricorn Sister...I listened to their album, Apple, a lot during a strange time in my life and I related!


Caratacus was the king of the Catuvellauni at the time of the Roman invasion under the emperor, Claudius, and was the leader of the anti-Roman campaign. He was betrayed and handed to the Romans in 51 AD. Here he came to Claudius' attention and for his courtesy and bearing was pardoned. He and his family were permitted to live out their lives in peace in Italy.

When I first read about Caratacus his bravery called my attention. He fought the Romans under very difficult circumstances and with substantially smaller forces and weapons and at last was inevitably captured. I took this name because of the admiration I feel for what he did.

more about have to actually go to "caratacus" though

tormenta electrica
uhoh - thunderstorms

CastySmiles, previously Lecast

CastySmiles tells you, "Eman started calling me that and everyone followed suit and I liked it so I changed from Lecast, a name where some people assumed I was worshipping some vampire"

Added 14 January 2001: My name began as Lecast, which was a contraction of my real life name and my friends started calling me Casty, I like that name better,it sounds cute...maybe not real fitting but I still like it. : ) Oh yeah at one time I added the word "smiles" to it, so my name was CastySmiles because I used to virtually smile alot : ) there ye go!


I have a kitty who has green eyes. I have green eyes. Does that explain it good enough!?! =)


When I first came on line I used Chicago_Blues.....because we had moved from Chicago and I was missing,....I hope Edison appreciates the comma, when I would go into different rooms, people there would ask me all kinds of "blues music questions" and I am like ah "duh" when it comes to "blues music". So then I thought...hmmm.....Chicago the city rocks, Chicago the group rocks...and this woman here certainly rocks......thus...came the name....Chicago_Rocks.....the extra the little tail came when my hard drive went down and I didn't realize I could have used my old login name and then I added the extra that is where Chicago_Rocks_ came from....this story is almost as wacky as I my little musey and be good to her senor ya....Roxy


The "C" is for the first letter in my name (Cori).
the "iris" is in commemeration of my favorite flower (the iris, for you slower folks out there...), it being my fav flower b/c it is purple (my fav color, imagine that) and it grows in Louisiana (where I'm coincidentally from).
11 is just my lucky #....good things happen to me on the 11th, plus I was #11 in my two favorite elem. classes.

My aliases:
WrinkledLaundrey: I dunno, just a symbol for my life. Plus my clothes are wrinkled a lot, too lazy to pick up an iron.
RedBaroness54: A derivitave of my old handle.
Tigerfan28_21: I am a HUGE BIG LARGE VAST GIGANTIC LSU Tiger fan, and we beat in football the #1 ranked University of Florida last season...the first time in LSU football history that we beat a #1 ranked team. It was exciting.


I got the name Jonny Q from the show Jonny Quest and from a Christian Band Johnny Q. Public and other assorted things that are like "Jonny Q"... anyways.. I got Clueless_couch as a suggestion from tuesi.. I got attention with the name so it stuck..I got dankuveddymuth from a guy at an old ichat site/game where everytime he won.. ppl would say wtg and he would say dankuveddymuth


i originally logged on as Christina_stanley.....then i got tired of using my real name tried all variations of christinapooh, until i finally got crissypooh. I was watching winnie the pooh with my son at the time.

Please don''t kill me, i have soooooo much to live for hahahahahahah....

The DasBootCap's

My Nick comes from war simulation about U-boat operations in WW2 and really neat movie about them "Das Boot". Actually, the nick should read "DasBootKapt" but I messed up when I put it in. Ooops.

The Mrs. nickname "KrisMs" is a left over from Christmas. Pronounced the same on this side of the pond.
She is on the lookout for a new one now that the holidays are over.

update from DasbootCapt: 20/05/2000
Posah_to_vai - Corruption of Navajo phrase Posah Tai Vo which means Crazy White Guy and yes, I know it fits. I've been told that by all the voices in my head.


The daSidhe are an ancient race of seven foot tall Fairies who are part of the De Danann, Who live now in Tir Nan Og. They once walked the earth with man, however, no longer.
Tir Nan Og is the land to which the Irish faeries know as Tuatha de Danann (Too-ah day Thay-nan, or Tootha day danan) fled when their lands were taken by the Milesians. In Tir Nan Og they spend their days feasting, gaming, love-making and partaking of beautiful music. The faeries can even enjoy the thril of battle, for anyone slain is resurected the following day. It is the paradise that mortals can only dream of. Hence, the name and a state of mind.


the truth about edison_carter? star investigative journalist for network 23, much loved by the beautiful theora jones, arch enemy of the evil zikzak corporation, friend of pirate broadcaster reg blank and inspiration for his own silicon alter ego - virtual philosopher and stuttering master of sarcastic humour, max headroom.

who wouldn't want to be edison? i'm just glad i got there first.


Well, my Dad is Chicano (Mexican-American) and my Mom is Russian/Eastern-European Jewish background. "El" is Spanish and "Mensch" in Yiddish means a decent sort of person, for "The Good Guy." It's sort of a goal of mine, which I'm still working on.


Oh.....(blush).....Excalibur just seemed like a noble I always have thought the Arthur legends are the greatest..yeah thats it...Arthur legends are the reason!!


For eight years (Triv time included) I drove a commercial vehicle loaded with 25 tons of ... You guessed it ... figs. Everyone thinks it's a twist on some sexual obsession with mathematics ...


"GAC" comes from my job in the Air Force. The official title of my job is Avionics Guidance and Control Systems Technician. I fix aircraft guidance systems (navigation computers, cockpit instrumentation, and what not) and automatic flight control systems (autopilot computers and stuff). Everyone calls us guidance and control or just GAC. About five years ago, people started calling me Gacman. So when I got my computer a few month's ago, it seemed normal to use that handle. The only problem was that someone else already had "Gacman" so I had to add the underscore to it. Now my handle is Gac_man


well, my real life name is jenny gardner. at work they call me jenny g (like the sax man, kenny g). so, picture the scene: i've been taken up to the local internet cafe by my net-experienced sister with the really cool name (yes, africamuse is indeed the one of whom i speak (she would freak if i ended a sentence with a preposition)), and she orders me to pick a name. well, this is a surprise - i hadn't thought this far - so i think that "jenny g" will do fine, as there is no way i can think of something as brilliant as her name on the spur of the moment. well, jenny g was taken, so gjenny it became.


We live in the country, up on a hill. We named the land "Hemlock Hill" hence the name Hemlockhillbilly....Since everyone shortened it to "Hemmie" in trivia, I decided to have it legally changed, lol....The "docsbabe" at my email comes from the fact the my husband is a DVM. Also, my sister is a card carrying feminist, and says the "docsbabe" handle disgusts her....soooo, just to keep her in a tizzie, I kept it! lol! (She says she cringes everytime she emails me, (hee, hee) Hemmie is short and sweet, just like me! :)

suicide or execution? (lol, i'm sure this was a triv q once) read about socrates and the hemlock


"Africa--Despot here---my handle origin: the Id is the Despot of the soul; i.e. the Internal Despot. there ya go."

Later amendment:
Beatnikman--I write poetry & my fav poet is Allen Ginsberg.
Internal_Despot--it sounded cool when I thought of it.


I guess my handle is no great mystery. Out of my favourite authors the one with the most universal appeal happened to be Carroll, so Jabberwoc was an obvious "k" because there already was a jabberwock and I didn't want a number after my name. I also appeared briefly as MockGryphon which is a combination of two rather morose Carroll characters but I've dumped that. And Carroll with his wonderful inventiveness has given me access to such actions and emotions as gyring, gimbling, whiffling, burbling, being mimsy and manxome, beamish and frabjous, and even chortling , all of which are from just that one poem in "Through the Looking Glass"!


I have a dog. His name is Jake. Consequently, I am Jakesowner. Jake is 3/4 Australian Shepherd, 1/4 Border Collie - Smart as can be. I did not name him after that sappy "Feed Jake" country song.


John Clark is a favorite fictional character of mine from many Tom Clancy books, he is a spy, a man with a mysterious past, but above all a man with courage and high moral character. So anyway Johnclark 1-1zillion was taken already, so I started trying Jclarks, and well Jclark5 was the 1st one not being used, so that was the one I selected.

And they all lived happily ever after, The End!


it's a combination of my first middle and last name

Katydids aka Goolden

I originally used my last name for want of anything else.... I decided to change my name because I didnt want to be known by my last name anymore. I picked katydids because (1) as a child and teenager, everyone called me katy and (2) I am a singer and I sing a song that has "katydids singing like a symphony". I found this fascinating.


As far as my usual triv name, I had no idea people could be so creative! I went the old route and tried to use a variation of my initials (K.C.), but everything was already picked! I tried Casey, Kasey, Casie, Kasie, Caysee, Kaysee, Caycee, Kaycee, Caysie, Kaysie, etc etc etc, (boy was I gettin' pissed!)...and FINALLY logged in as KAYSEI. I thought it was unique & mysterious and no one would figure it out....then Nebula or JClark said "Hi KC" the minute I walked in the room. LOL!

Sometimes I show up in triv with my remember them....Kaysei & the Sunshine Band. ;-)


Boring....all my friends call me kazz or kazzy


hi muse. killer_flea here. the origin of my name? well, it's kind of a long story. have a seat. get comfy. ready?

no one else was using it. the end. (insert your own entymology joke here.)


The name "KingBubbaApprox" has evolved over time. I live in Texas on a ranch, so I guess I could be a Bubba (at least in theory), although I am probably the only Bubba who listens to Coltrane and Tori Amos. There are so many cool names in Trivia - my original name started out as "Bubba Dammit" - a take-off on "Brandy Dammit". From there, it was mutated by exposure to "Queen Jane Approx". King Bubba has a nice ring, don't you think?


AAHHHHH!!!Musey I am so sorry! Okay, okay, here it is in short order :) (please don't kill me) :) - It's really really simple - I watched the old Batman series for years and years when I was younger and I loved Catwoman especially when she was played by Julie Newmar and that other one that was NOT Eartha Kitt.(kitt?) :) So anyway I dressed up as a cat every Halloween since I was in the 7th be continued in the next issue...

and when Halloween goes buh-bye my initial greeting to family and friends is still "meow" I'm not joking. When I'm at a loss for words I meow. I've had about four or five cats always hanging around and loving me through my life and though their names were Tiger, Hobbes, Shadow, Phantom, and Felicia, I would always revert to my comfy name of calling all cats Kitkatt. Believing that I was one of them I just started calling myself kitkatt :)

weird enough for you?


I'm wrong, it wasn't that simple - there is more to it, but I'll spare you

(africamuse: but she didn't, lol)

Okay - Do you know the movies Mystic Pizza and League of Their Own? Well, after my nickname took effect in my small circle of friends - I began to realize that my 2 favorite movies (at that time) had characters - Kit in League of Their Own and Kat in Mystic Pizza. I thought it was quite fitting. :)

the short version:
already told ya but if you want a shorter version....cats know how to gnaw on your last nerve and they know when you need love - that's me - plus my fave # is 22.


linje is a combination of my first and last names.
jenny lin... lin, jenny... linjenny... linje! ta-da!
heh. Yes, I do indeed live the life of creative excitement, and no, do not try this at home. =)


Here it goes, when my hubby decided to connect to the net, he was working one month days, one month nights. When i started chatting i used another name for a while, until hubby started working nights and sleeping days. LTBCHWHS Likes to be chatting while hubby sleeps. And since i was spending so much time on the net i tried very hard not to do any housework (hard???yeah right) and there came my second idea about my name...Likes to be chatting while housework sits,,,there musey ,are you happy now!!!!:o)


'Mac' staat voor: Macintosh -> ik maak gebruik van een Apple Macintosh computer. Sterker nog: ik ben een MacAddict. 'Mars' staat voor: Marcel -> mijn echte (voor)naam, die door vrienden en kennissen nogal eens wordt verkort tot Mars.


Magin me trying to explain this!

My server is a local school and for some reason, their modem was not shaking hands with my modem. (Always a problem! Bad protocol!) Some days, it took hours to dial in.. and when it finally would connect...well, "Maginthat!!!"

My other name... Cant_imagin...came about because ..well, nevermind, let's just say there were some things I heard! hahahhahaa


Muse, I stole my name from a dead yahoooer, dunno where it came from


My first nickname was Wave, for no reason at all. How did I have to call myself ? Wave was the first name i could come up with. But after a while, Wave sounded a bit simple, small, usual, ... So I "upgraded" my nickname and it became the big, unbeaten (not in trivia that is), enormous, wonderfull, fantastic, ... MEGAwave. (Stop those caps, lol). And then, I discovered Yahoo-chat, and its password. It took me 5 times to remember a password, so now I am Megawave5.
Any suggestions for a better nickname are welcome.


Mocha Mutt tells you, "named after my doggy, Mocha..who is an idiot like his master"


I have no idea how I came up with the name, although it is appropriate since nyples are my favorite female body part(s). It will sure be interesting to find out what picture you can come up with to represent my name. heh heh heh.

(africamuse: pic coming up ;))

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