My Triv Room Birthday Party

I've just had the greatest (and longest) birthday ever, thanks to you all.  My birthday started at 13:24 Friday 19 December 1997, my time, when I received my first birthday kiss from a very special friend in New Zealand.  And when I woke up on Sunday morning, the day after my birthday, my party was still going strong, lol.

Thanks to everyone for the happy birthday wav files, the page, the scrolling thingy, the room, taking the trouble to come up with all those frikkin affrikin questions, lol, and for sharing my day with me. If you haven't given me a present yet, or even if you did, and you want to know my birthday wish.....SIGN MY FRIKKIN GUESTBOOK ;)

Special thanks to all those who came in costume:

  • Neb_in_a_dashiki
  • SmallNyaneZhiggy / ZhigbianKwacha
  • JumanjiClark5 / JungleClark5
  • Archbishop_Tutu
  • Water_Baffalo
  • Tsetse_sleeper / Orangucara
  • HaileDLM
  • RedLionDragon
  • Marewinklemuse
  • Arfrica_Fux
  • Joes_Africa_themed_name
  • Jabberbok
  • Gjeneral_amnesty
  • XMUSEtreestand
  • Nelsed_Mandela
  • OutOfAcrogirl
  • BanyanBanshee
  • Sittinbybiko / Sittinbythecongo
  • Lady_Musegazelle
  • JJfigleaf
  • ShakedjiboutiNow
  • Megafricanwave
  • ShakaZuluCrusher
  • HeyWhoIsThatGuy (ok I know this isn't TECHNICALLY an African name, but I know he chose it for me)
  • AFigramuse
  • Bomusepeep
  • Itri_inloincloth
  • Phyl_is_amusing
  • Tibetan_Giraffe
  • BeMused_Schwa
  • Ima_Muse_n
  • CheatahCatt
  • KenyaDigIt
  • NYtomMuse
  • JungleDrums
  • TanganyiKAY
  • and last but not least, Plarugby, who didn't wear an African costume but told me that instead of being TOTALLY nekkid, as usual, he was wearing a little birthday ribbon, lol.
NBNBNBNB: let me know if I missed any cool African names....a large part of the celebration seemed to happen while I was sleeping

lady bandit

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