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Gerald, Tassin, me and Lee-Ann

Johno juggling, watched by Londi

Not long ago I went on a trip to visit my sister (not Gjenny, the other one) and her family in Australia. Being the first time I have ever travelled outside of southern Africa, I couldn't wait to expose myself to such cultural experiences as drinking aussie beer at non-import prices, etc. It was really great to see my family (and to drink the beer, lol). Nevertheless, it was good to get back home to my own bed AND my own computer.


Seeing my sister again...and where she lives and where she works and....

Getting to know my niece and nephew as real people rather than as little kids...this may even have been the best part

Walking over the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Speaking to some of my netfriends on the phone: Sir_Johan, Docko, Milawati, Edison_Carter, Wombat

The museums....the museums were great! I am really jealous about the number of visitors and the amount of money they seem to have. In fact, I learned a lot and came home with many ideas.

Having the unexpected opportunity of seeing a few minutes of rehearsal (of the two principal dancers of Swan Lake) at the Sydney Opera House

Stroking a kangaroo (I know, I'm SUCH a TOURIST!)

My sister and I rolling down the grassy slopes which form part of the new Houses of Parliament in Canberra (a beautiful building in a beautiful city)

Victoria Bitter

The Chinese Garden at Darling Harbour

Spotting the traffic sign which says "TRAFFIC SIGN AHEAD" (lol I'm not kidding....I quite liked the ones saying "WRONG WAY GO BACK!" too)

Getting into a toe-ring buying craze with my mom

The surprise river trip during our stopover in Singapore


Not getting to see Wombat (uh, the triviad, not the animal, lol)....time just kinda expired on us :(

The exchange rate

Realising that my 65 year old mother looks sexier in a toe-ring than I do


Australian War Memorial, Canberra

Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney

Powerhouse Museum, Sydney

Australian Museum, Sydney

Museum of Sydney, Sydney

National Maritime Museum, Sydney

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