Wishbone's Too Fabulous Webpage


Music: I Just Can't Wait to be King from Disney's The Lion King

Hello and welcome to my first webpage, it's about time my human made me one... the Bird has had one for months. My name is Wishbone and I am a Jack Russell Terrier. I know, I know, all the Jack Russells you've seen on tv have spots, but I'm special... I have spots, really. They are just umm... hiding. OK. So i'm white!


Just like the Wishbone on TV, I like to dress up in costumes... for about 20 seconds. Take my picture already!

Here I am as a Pirate, Batdog, The Muttketeer D'Artagnan, and Superdog!
When I'm not dressed up, I like to use my imagination... What if I was a butterfly?  hmmm...

Hey look I'm flying! now I can finally catch up with that bird. "HEY SILVERINA!!!" Oh wait... she's bigger than I am. Better stop daydreaming before I become a birdie treat. But Seriously, do I have to tell you how much I love to play?

Let me introduce you to my soul mate, the love of my life, my tennis ball. I'm such a cover dog! Don't I look Chic. Did I already mention my tennis ball?

Sometimes I have too much energy and get into a biscuit load of trouble. But my humans love me just the same. Wait... I don't remember telling you about
my tennis ball.


OH NO !!! Not bathtime pictures. My family calls this payback for all the mischief I get into during the day. Ok Buddy, stop laughing and keep scrollin!

Just look at the time. I've got to get to sleep, who else is going to wake up the neighborhood tomorrow morning.

Thanks for coming to visit my webpage and thank you mommy, your a good girl... now here's your Meaty Bone.



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