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Dolls: Premiere, Monaco, Red Venus.
Outfits: Usherette, Blond Lace, Blue Evening, Crimson Sun, The Kiss, Striking Gold, Pink Lightning, Love's Ghost, Good-bye New York.

Dolls: Blue Goddess, Pin-Up.
Outfits: Afternoon Off, El Morocco, Crescendo, Holiday Magic (Holiday LE), Atlantic City Beauty (EC Convention Outfit).
Retired Dolls: Premiere 9/96.
LE Outfits N/A: Holiday Magic.

Dolls: Sparkling Seduction, White Hyacinth, Iced Coffee, Night at Versailles (FAO), Bird of Paradise, King's Daughter (LE), Midnight Romance (Parkwest Naled), My Favorite Witch (EC Convention Doll), showgirl dolls (FAO LV Exclusive).
Outfits: Sea Spree, Promenade, Personal Secretary, Tango, Mandarin Mood, Blossoms in the Snow (Holiday LE).
Retired Dolls: Monaco 12/97.
LE Dolls N/A: King's Daughter, Midnight Romance, Night at Versailles.
LE Outfits N/A: Blossoms in the Snow.

Dolls: Creme de Cassis, Destiny (Limited to'98), On the Avenue (FAO Spring), Hello Hollywood Hello,
Incognito, Midnight Gamble (LE), Daughter of the Nile, Champagne Supper, Covent Garden (Parkwest
Naled), Warmest Wishes (FAO Fall), FAO Garnet Bird of Paradise (LE 500), Dreamgirl (WC- DAE Convention Doll), Broadway Medley (EC Convention Doll).
Outfits: Forget Me Not, Embassy Luncheon, Cameo, Gold Sensation (My Favorite Bow), Smart Set, Love After Hours, Ransom in Red (Holiday LE), Hi-Fi, African Safari, Midnight Angel, Rain Song.
Retired Dolls: White Hyacinth 6/98.
LE Dolls N/A: On the Avenue, Warmest Wishes, Destiny, Midnight Gamble, Covent Garden.
Retired Outfits: Blond Lace 6/98, Striking Gold 6/98, Promenade 6/98, Afternoon Off 6/98, Pink Lightning 6/98.
LE Outfits N/A: Ransom in Red.

1st q: Song of Spain, 3 Simply Gene, USO, Teatime at the Plaza (FAO Spring),
2nd q: Love Paris, Unforgettable (AD Exclusive),
3rd q: She'd Rather Dance, An American Countess (Parkwest Naled LE), Breathless (Dealer Exclusive LE),
4th q: Savannah, Lucky Stripe, Priceless (FAO Fall), Mood Music (EC Convention Doll).
1st q: Stand Up and Cheer, Farewell Golden Moon, Press Conference,
2nd q: Picnic in the Country, Poolside, Bridge Club, On the Veranda (Dealer Exclusive LE), Sunset Celebration,
3rd q: Avant Garde, Cognac Evening, Sunday Afternoon, Black Ribbon, At Home for the Holidays (Dealer Exclusive LE),
4th q: Honeymoon, Secret Sleuth, Somewhere Summer,
Furniture/ Accessories:
1st q: Dresser
2nd q: Director's Chair, Jewelry Set, USO Accessory Pack, Paper Doll Set 1-3, Gene Music CD & Video, Birthday Accessory Pack, Picnic Accessory Pack, Gene’s Mirror,
3rd q/ 4th q: Swan Bed, Patio Set, Panther Lamp,
Retired Dolls: Pin-up 2/99, Creme de Cassis 2/99, Blue Goddess 6/99, Iced Coffee 6/99, Bird of Paradise 12/99.
Retired Outfits: Crimson Sun 2/99, Blue Evening 2/99, Sea Spree 6/99, Mandarin Mood 6/99,

2000: (Click on each quarter for photo visual.)
(Note: These links will take you to the GGGC's Website.)
1st q:
    February: Twilight Rumba (2000 Annual Doll), Dance With Me,
   March: Meet Me in Paris (2000 Paris Con Doll),
2nd q:
    April: Simply Gene Platinum, Shooting Star, Spotted in the Park (FAO Spring)
    June: I Do,
3rd q:
    September: Encore, Heart of Hollywood (Parkwest Naled '00),
4th q:
    October: Bon Voyage (Star Dealer Exclusive), Love at First Sight,
1st q:
    March: Table for Two, Love Letters, It's a Wrap,
2nd q:
    April: Don't Fence Me In, Kiss Me Gene,
    May: Hacienda, Bolero, Shorts Story, Spell Bound,
    June: Heart's Afire,
3rd q:
    July: Will You Marry Me, Jazz Note, Friendly Connection (Ashton Drake Exclusive. LE 2,500),
    September: Spirit of Truth, Undercover Story (Lingere),
4th q:
    October: Little Black Dress, Baking Cookies, Croquet Anyone,
    November: St. Moritz, First Close-Up, The Perfect Gift, First Stop: Chicago,
Furniture/ Accessories: (Numbers correspond to the month...)
1st q: Hearts and Flowers Accessory (3), Chaise Lounge (3), Hat/Purse Set #1 (3),
2nd q: Dressing Screen (4), Hat Stands Set/2  (4), Hanger Set (4), Hat/Purse Set #2 (5), Wardrobe Rack (6),
3rd q: Crouquet Set (7), Gazebo (8), Hat/Purse Set #3 (8), Swan Floor Lamp (9), Ribbon Shoes Set/3 (9),
4th q: Hat/Purse Set #4 (10), Dark Shoes Set/3 (10),
Retired Dolls: Daughter of the Nile 2/12/00, Love Paris 5/1/00,
Retired Outfits: Picnic in the Country 5/1/00, My Favorite Bow 5/1/00, El Morocco 5/1/00, Tango 5/1/00

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