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April 17, 1923- Gene is born.

Gene's career spans from 1941-1962. (As stated by Mel Odom on QVC 12/21/99).

  • 1940- Spellbound Outfit (2000/ Tim Kennedy) In her early modeling days, Gene impresses a photographer with her ability to express herself for the camera, immersing herself in a role so deeply that the photo shoot comes to a halt. Holiday Dealer Exclusive.
  • 1940- Love at First Sight Doll  (2000/ Dolly Cipolla) In her New York modeling days, Gene is invited by a photographer to a fancy reception. But there's no time to change - so she wears the outfit she's modeling.
  • 1941- Usherette Outfit (1995/ Tim Kennedy) Gene is discovered when Eric Von Sternberg attends the premiere of the film "Manhattan Nights" at the Regent Movie Palace. Her first publicity photos are done in this outfit.
  • 1941- Good-bye New York Outfit (1995/ Doug James) Gene takes a train from New York to Hollywood.
  • 1941- First Stop, Chicago Outfit (2000/ Lynne Day) Between New York and Hollywood, the train stops in Chicago for newly-discovered Gene's radio appearance, where she wows them with her sweet rendition of "Blue Skies."
  • 1941- Hello Hollywood Hello Doll (1998/ Doug James) Gene is welcomed to sunny California as she first steps off the train wearing this wool powder blue suit trimmed with matching fur.
  • F 1941- First Close-Up Outfit (2000/ Tim Kennedy) Before Gene took over for the star, Maxine Lester, in Blond Lace, she was cast as "The Nightclub Flowergirl," a small but important role.
  • F 1941- Blond Lace Outfit (1995/ Tim Kennedy) Gene's first film. Retired 2/98.
  • 1941- Premiere Doll (1995/ Tim Kennedy) Gene's celebrates the premiere of her film "Blond Lace." Gene's first premiere as a star. Retired '96.
  • F 1942- Black Ribbon Outfit (1999/ Tim Kennedy) In the award winning film, Black Ribbon, Gene, as a young widow, has a frightening dream; yet awakens with a dawning new hope.
  • 1943- Striking Gold Outfit (1995/ Timothy Alberts) Gene wins the Golden Star award for best actress in the film "Black Ribbon." Retired 2/98.
  • F 1943- Sea Spree Outfit (1997/ Tim Kennedy) Nautical, musical film that gives Gene the opportunity to show off her tap dancing talent. Retired 6/99.
  • F 1943- Song of Spain Doll (1999/ Tim Kennedy) A magnificent fantasy of a matador costume from Gene's film "Sea Spree." 1999 Annual Edition.
  • 1943- Crimson Sun Outfit (1995/ Doug James) Gene's first war time pin-up photo. Retired 2/99.
  • 1943- Jazz Note Outfit (2000/ Dolly Cipolla) Gene sends her favorite jazz singer a note backstage, inviting her to meet some high-powered studio cats for some low-down chat.
  • 1943- Tea Time at the Plaza Doll (1999/ Lynne Day) Gene and a famous gossip columnist form a lasting friendship over cups of tea at the Plaza in New York City. FAO Schwarz Spring Exclusive.
  • 1944- Pin-Up Doll (1996/ Tim Kennedy) Gene's second pin-up photo. Retired 2/99.
  • F 1944 Red Venus Doll (1995/ Tim Kennedy) Gene plays a gangster's moll in this film.
  • 1944- Press Conference Outfit (1999/ Dolly Cipolla) Gene makes an impassionate appeal for the war effort during a press conference announcing her USO tour.
  • 1944- USO Doll (1999/ Doug James) Gene entertains the GIs overseas as a USO volunteer.
  • 1944- Fairwell Golden Moon Outfit (1999/ Tim Kennedy) Whenever Gene would sing this bittersweet ballad to the GIs on her USO tour, they would see in her their own special girl waiting for them at home.
  • 1944- Stand Up and Cheer Outfit (1999/ Dolly Cipolla) The finale of the USO show was a firecracker patriotic number that had the GIs cheering for the Red, White, and Blue!
  • 1945- Promenade/ Out for a Stroll (1997/ Tim Kennedy & Etta Foran) Gene is spotted leisurely walking her beloved pups Dottie and Dashiell. Promenade Retired 2/98.
  • F 1945- Blue Goddess Doll (1996/ Tim Kennedy) One of Gene's first color films, about the stolen Blue Goddess diamond. Audiences know the real Blue Goddess is Gene. Retired 6/99.
  • F 1946- White Hyacinth Doll (1997/ Doug James) Tender love story in which Gene, after a tempestuous affair, meets her long lost love one spring day. Retired 2/98.
  • 1946- Mandarin Mood Outfit (1997/ Tim Kennedy) Gene hosts an elegant Chinese dinner party. Retired 6/99.
  • F 1946- The Kiss Outfit (1995/ Tim Kennedy) Romantic love story in which Gene slips into something more comfortable to kiss her on-screen husband.
  • F 1946- Iced Coffee Doll (1997/ Laura Meisner) Outfit worn in the film "Voodoo Blues." Gene is the star chanteuse of a blues night club in New Orleans. It is a tale of unrequited love for the handsome heir of a wealthy plantation family and Gene's bewitching song that wins his love.  Sources conflict on the date of this film (1949). Retired 6/99.
  • F 1946- Crescendo Outfit (1996/ Doug James) In this dramatic film, Gene plays a young violin virtuoso who must flee Europe and a passionate love affair. She is reunited with him when she returns to Europe and sees her former lover in the audience in the midst of her performance.
  • F 1946- Loves Ghost Outfit (1995/ Doug James) In this "period" film, Gene plays a Victorian governess who falls in love with a mysterious Count, the father of the two children she is caring for.
  • F 1946- Midnight Angel Outfit (1998/ Nicole Burke) As a governess in the film “Love’s Ghost” Gene wears this ensemble in the scene where she searches, with the help of a romantic ghost,  for a boy lost in the moors. Designed by the winner of the second Young Designers of America competition.
  • 1946- Picnic in the Country Outfit (1999/ Lynne Day) Gene and a friend enjoy an impromptu picnic in the country after stopping by a farmer's fresh fruit stand in the California hills. Retired 5/1/00.
  • 1947- Afternoon Off Outfit (1996/ Doug James) In this outfit, Gene is relaxing at home, glancing through a fan magazine with her photo on the cover. Retired 2/98.
  • F 1947- Love Letters Outfit (2000/ Jose Ferrand) In the film "Love Letters," pen-pals plan to meet. He writes: "How will I know you?" She responds: "I'll wear something red." What an understatement!
  • 1947- Love, Paris Doll (1999/ Jose Ferrand) Gene receives a stunning suit from a Parisian admirer. Its innovative design is a new look in fashion. Retired 5/1/00.
  • F 1948- Sparkling Seduction Doll (1997/ Shelley Rinker) Gene plays a savvy private eye who uncovers a murder plot and falls in love with her client. Winner of the 1996 Young Designers of America Award for best period costume.
  • F 1948- King's Daughter Doll (1997/ Michele Gutierrez) In this "period" film, Gene plays a princess who, bored with palace life, escapes into the village. She is protected by a highwayman who, in reality is the prince her father had ordered her to marry. Winner of the 1996 Young Designers of America Award for best overall costume. Limited Edition.
  • 1948- Covent Garden Doll (1998/ Tim Kennedy) Upon Gene’s visit to London, the British newspapers, avid for news of this American Royal, are filled with Gene’s activities from having tea with the Queen, to a backstage cast party at Drury Lane. But the presses stop when she steps from her horse drawn carriage to attend a production of  Rossini’s “La Cenerentola” (Cinderella) at the Covent Garden Opera House. Even the spectacular gown, with its black lace up bodice and billowy skirt is reminiscent of the Cinderella fairy tale. After all, Gene is truly the modern Cinderella: A small town girl transformed into a glamorous film star. Now if only her prince would come. Second Parkwest NALED Exclusive.
  • F 1948- Smart Set Outfit (1998/ Doug James) Gene wears this vivid red suit in the darkly atmospheric suspense thriller “Montage” filmed in Rome.
  • F 1948- Secret Sleuth Outfit (1999/ Tim Kennedy) In the 1948 suspense thriller "Montage," Gene, in a Sherlock Holmes inspired outfit, attempts to find her father's killer.
  • F 1948- She'd Rather Dance Doll (1999/ Tim Kennedy) Gene wears this sizzling tangerine orange satin sheath dress for a big technicolor musical number. This doll is the inspiration for the song "She'd Rather Dance" heard on the Gene CD available in '99.
  • F 1948- Dance With Me Doll (2000/ Lynne Day) In a big dance number from one of Gene's films, all she has to croon is "Dance with me... " and hundreds of eager gentlemen rush to her side.
  • 1948- Kiss Me, Gene Outfit (2000/ Lynne Day) Attending a Broadway opening, Gene looks every inch the star, causing a flurry of fans' admiration.
  • F 1948- Twilight Rumba Doll (2000/ Doug James) Gene, in this film, poses as a famous singer who is surprised by her husband on their fifth anniversary, as he recreates the night they met. Includes Gene's first hair comb. 2000 Annual Edition Doll.
  • 1948- Warmest Wishes Doll (1998/ Tim Kennedy) While holiday shopping on Fifth Avenue, Gene buys a toy soldier for a friend who had served during the war. FAO Schwarz Fall Exclusive.
  • F 1949- Bird of Paradise Doll (1997/ William Ivey Long) This romantic comedy is the classic tale of the showgirl who steps out of the chorus line to become a star. Retired on QVC 12/21/99.
  • 1949- Ransom in Red Outfit (1998/ Tim Kennedy) Sales of this new perfume soar over the holiday season when a new dramatic advertising campaign has Gene Marshall whispering “Hold his heart captive with Ransom in Red.” Dealer Exclusive. Holiday Limited Edition of 7,500 pieces worldwide.
  • 1949- Cognac Evening Outfit (1999/ Jose Ferrand) Gene wins respect and hearts during a party at the Governor's Mansion.
  • 1949- Lucky Stripe Doll (1999/ Tim Kennedy) An unexpected weekend off, a train ticket to Palm Springs, a posh hotel suite...It's Gene's lucky day!
  • 1949- Priceless Doll (1999/ Jose Ferrand) The advertisement was bound to be sensational: a stunning Hollywood beauty modeling diamonds for one of the world’s most impressive jewelry stores. FAO Fall Exclusive.
  • F 1950- Monaco Doll (1995/ Timothy Alberts) Gene stars as a young woman of common birth who weds her handsome prince. Retired 12/97.
  • F 1950- Honeymoon Outfit (1999/ Jose Ferrand) Shyly innocent yet seductive, Gene awaits her prince on their wedding night in the film "Monaco."
  • 1950- It's a Wrap Outfit (2000/ Tim Kennedy) Gene relaxes in a fluffy robe after a much-deserved bubble bath, celebrating the end of a long movie shoot.
  • F 1951- Tango Outfit (1997/ Tim Kennedy) Latin rhythms inspire Gene as she plays an ambassador's daughter in love with an Argentine painter.
  • F 1951- Embassy Luncheon Outfit (1998/ Laura Meisner) Gene wears this black sheath dress in the climactic “Embassy Luncheon” scene, filmed in Buenos Aires, Argentina, for the film “Tango.”
  • 1951- Cameo (1998/ Kate Johnson) Gene’s mother passes down a family heirloom cameo brooch for her famous daughter's 28th birthday. Student Design.
  • 1952- Night at Versailles Doll (1997/ Timothy Alberts) On location in France for her film "Paris Moon," Gene wears this gown, reminiscent of Louis XVI's glittering court, when she is invited to an evening gala at Versailles. The gala is a fund-raiser to restore the Sun king's fabulous palace. FAO Exclusive. Limited Edition.
  • F 1952- Daughter of the Nile Doll (1998/ Timothy Alberts) In this sweeping historical epic, Gene plays a priestess torn between the Pharaoh’s will and her destiny of love. Retired 2/12/00.
  • 1952- African Safari Outfit (1998/ Timothy Alberts) After filming “Daughter of the Nile,” Gene goes on a working vacation to Kenya. At a photo publicity event, Gene poses with her camera in hand, saying “I’m a great shot with my camera.”
  • F 1952- Don't Fence Me In Outfit (2000/ Vince Nowell) Gene plays a ranch owner in the Western "Shooting Star," ready in her jeans for ropin', ridin' - and rasslin' with 'most any problem.
  • F 1952- Bolero Outfit (2000/ Debora Trejo) In "Shooting Star," Gene leads the Wild West Show parade wearing a special outfit given to her by her friends for luck. But will she win the shooting contest? Bolero recreates the look and feel of a Gaucho costume. Young Designers of America Competition Winner.
  • F 1952- Shooting Star Doll (2000/ Doug James) Gene dazzles during a shooting match - winning the crowd's cheers AND first prize.
  • F 1952- Heart's Afire Outfit (2000/ Lynne Day) In "Shooting Star," Gene wins the shooting match, saves the town and celebrates at a party thrown by the grateful townsfolk. Heart's Afire is a festive evening gown sure to fan the flames of true love.
  • 1952- Shorts Story Outfit (2000/ Vince Nowell) On location for "Shooting Star," Gene spends a day sightseeing - and buys a house.
  • 1952- Hacienda Outfit (2000/ Lynne Day) Gene invites the "Shooting Star" cast and crew (and a special visitor) to her new Southwestern hacienda's housewarming.
  • F 1952- Somewhere Summer Outfit (1999/ Tim Kennedy) Gene escapes the chill of winter blues and finds true romance in this film.
  • F 1953- Rain Song Outfit (1998/ Doug James) Gene, in this sweet love story,  plays a teacher who finds romance in the rain with the widowed father of one of her students. The love scenes were so realistic in this film, rumors of an off-screen relationship between Gene and her leading man began to fly.
  • 1953- Sunday Afternoon Outfit (1999/ Abigail Haskell) Sunday afternoon finds Gene strolling through a picturesque New England town on a day off from filming "Rain Song." A sea captain compliments her, saying she looks just like Gene Marshall, the Hollywood Movie Star. Designed by a winner of the Young Designers of America Competition.
  • 1953- Blue Evening Outfit (1995/ Timothy Alberts) This gown was inspired by a song recorded by Ina Stafford. Gene wore this gown in many publicity stills for Monolithic Studios. Retired 2/99.
  • 1953- Creme de Cassis Doll (1998/ Timothy Alberts) In this elegant cocktail ensemble, Gene Marshall enchants a journalist during an interview at the famous Hemingway Bar in Paris. Retired 2/99.
  • 1953- Midnight Gamble Doll (1998/ Doug James) Lady luck smiles on Gene as she tries her hand for the first time at the roulette wheel in Monte Carlo. Dealer Exclusive. Limited Edition of 9,500 pieces worldwide.
  • 1953- Blossoms in the Snow Outfit (1997/ Tim Kennedy) Gene Marshall made an appearance at the War Veteran's New Year's Eve charity ball, held at New York's Raleigh theater, in this simple but stunning gown. Dealer exclusive. Holiday Limited Edition.
  • 1954- Midnight Romance Doll (1997/ Timothy Alberts) Gene Marshall poses for, her friend, Johnny Harmon's album cover. Johnny's newest recording features his hit song "Midnight Romance." Parkwest NALED Exclusive.
  • F 1954- Destiny Doll (1998/ Mark Esposito) Gene wore this ballgown of dusky green taffeta in the never produced film “Destiny.” Destiny is the first doll in the Annual Edition doll collection. She is limited to 1998 production. Student Design.
  • 1954- Hi-Fi Outfit (1998/ Doug James) Gene loves to spend her days off wearing her favorite everyday outfit, listening to her favorite music on the hi-fi.
  • 1954- Forget Me Not Outfit (1998/ Timothy Alberts) Gene is one elegant lady even in her lacy lingerie.
  • 1954- Table for Two Outfit (2000/ Jose Ferrand) Gene dresses sharp for a power lunch with the studio head to discuss a project specially selected for her.
  • F 1954- Poolside Outfit (1999/ Vince Nowell) In the film "Love for Sail," the girl talk by the pool is all about the handsome captain of the cruise ship.
  • F 1954- Bridge Club Outfit (1999/ Vince Nowell) In a romantic comedy of mistaken identity and matchmaking mothers, Gene finds love at her Bridge Club.
  • 1955- Sunset Celebration Outfit (1999/ Vince Nowell) Gene celebrates her birthday in the glow of sunset and the warmth of crew, cast and friends.
  • 1955- Incognito Doll (1998/ Timothy Alberts) Gene enjoys a day of relaxation and anonymity in Italy. Gene, with her dogs, drives her convertible to a luncheon engagement.
  • 1955- On the Veranda Outfit (1999/ Lynne Day) A famous Italian director hosts a party in Italy to woo Gene for his next film... but Gene wins him instead. The 1999 Parkwest NALED Exclusive Costume.
  • 1955- El Morocco Outfit (1996/ Timothy Alberts) Gene's first television interview. She was also seen celebrating her father, Edward Marshall's, birthday at the "El Morocco" in this very chic ensemble. Retired 5/1/00.
  • 1956- Pink Lightning Outfit (1995/ Tim Kennedy) Gene appears at a gala reception where studio head Ruben Lilenthal announces Monolithic's first Gene Marshall musical, "Bird of Paradise." Please note that a discrepancy occurs since the film "Bird of Paradise" was supposedly released in 1949. Retired 2/98.
  • 1956- Avant Garde Outfit (1999/ Jose Ferrand) At a gallery exhibition of modern art, Gene is photographed standing before a frame, the masterpiece of the show!
  • 1956- On the Avenue Doll (1998/ Tim Kennedy) Gene leisurely strolls down the avenue on her way to an ice cream social publicity affair. She quickly stops at a toy store to purchase a gift for a young fan dear to her heart. FAO Schwarz Spring Exclusive.
  • 1956- Breathless Doll (1999/ Stephanie Bruner) Arriving late and breathless to a gala, Gene is a lucky angel to a cub reporter. Designed by a winner of the Ashton Drake Young Designers of America Competition. Dealer Exclusive. Limited Edition of 9,999.
  • 1956- Friendly Connection Outfit (2000/ ) When Gene hears an old friend is changing planes in Los Angeles, she goes all out to plan a friendly dinner and catch up on old times. Limited Edition of 2,500. Ashton Drake Exclusive Costume.
  • 1956- Holiday Magic Outfit (1996/ Tim Kennedy) Gene makes a special appearance in the "Holiday Magic" special on NBS, one of the first shows telecast in living color. Holiday Dealer Exclusive. Limited Edition.
  • F 1957- Personal Secretary Outfit (1997/ Tim Kennedy) Gene takes such good care of her demanding ad-exec boss that he finds her indispensable. Sources conflict on the date of this outfit. Gene Book Spring/Summer '99 lists it at 1954.
  • F 1957- Love After Hours Outfit (1998/ Tim Kennedy) With this crispy, professional black silk dress, Gene’s character in the film “Personal Secretary,” during a cocktail dinner, wins over a big client for her boss.
  • 1957- Gold Sensation Outfit (My Favorite Bow) (1998/ Tim Kennedy) Gene’s unique bubble gown was the ultimate fashion statement of the Golden Star Awards show. But the real hit came at the restaurant when Gene swept off the illusion skirt to reveal a mermaid dress of molten gold. Retired 5/1/00.
  • 1957- Champagne Supper Doll (1998/ Tim Kennedy) A long time friendship turns into romance for our gal during a candlelight supper in London.
  • 1957- Unforgettable Doll (1999/ Dolly Cipolla) When the night of the premiere of Gene's latest film came, massive spotlights swept the sky outside the same movie theatre where Gene had once worked as an usherette. A silver limousine stopped at the red carpet, and out stepped Gene with gleaming platinum hair that made her unforgettable. AD Exclusive.
  • 1957- At Home for the Holidays Outfit (1999/ Tim Kennedy) Gene is filmed at home in her latest televised Christmas special. Dealer Exclusive. Limited Edition of 9,999.
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    The 40's:

  • The 40's- St. Moritz Outfit (2000/ Lynne Day) Gene hits the slopes for a well-deserved vacation at a posh ski resort in Switzerland.
  • World War II: 1939-1945

  • WWII- Little Black Dress Outfit (2000/ Tim Kennedy) War rationing can even affect your wardrobe, and Gene has the perfect solution: accessorize! Gene demonstrated to the nation's women just how much you could do with just a little - and her "Little Black Dress" accompanied her on many a Bond Tour.
  • F WWII- The Spirit of Truth Outfit (2000/ Eryn Machnica) In a patriotic short subject filmed during WWII, Gene portrays the mythical "Spirit of Truth." This outfit was originally designed to emulate Joan of Ark. Young Designers of America Competition Winner.
  • The 50's:

  • The 50’s musicals- An American Countess Doll (1999/ Christine D. Curtis)  This is one of many gowns that Gene wears from the popular musical "Royal Rebel." In the film, Gene plays a broadway star who marries the down-to-earth heir to the throne of a small duchy. At first, the citizens of the land rebuff Gene as a gold digger. However, Gene concocts a plan. On the last evening of the annual Harvest Festival, Gene suddenly appears wearing the dress and jewels worn by the duchy’s beloved Countess Cornelia many years before. Touched by Gene’s heartfelt gesture, the citizens realize she truly cares about her adopted country. And, one by one, they bow to their beloved new American Countess. Parkwest NALED Exclusive. Limited Edition of 7,500. Original created for the 1998 Gene Convention.
  • F N/A- Spotted in the Park Doll (2000/ Veronica Alvarado) Gene could turn the lightest comedy into art. In this film, she plays an aspiring model mistaken for a famous movie star. Her dilemma: continue the charade and pose as the movie star or risk losing Mr. Right. Also included is Gene's Poodle star Fifi. FAO Schwarz Spring Exclusive. Young Designers of America Competition Winner. Limited to 3,500.
  • The Ida Best Series:

  • F N/A- Will You Marry Me Outfit (2000/ George Sarofeen) Gene stars as '20s film star Ida Best in a film for Monolithic Studios. At a riotous party, Ida is surprised by a count's dignified proposal of marriage. Will she leave the whirl of Hollywood for the regal realms of royalty?
  • F N/A- I Do Doll (2000/ Tim Kennedy) Gene plays Ida Best, a silent screen star who married a European count in the Roaring '20s.
  • F N/A- Bon Voyage Doll (2000/ Jose Ferrand) Gene shines as silent star Ida Best, off on her honeymoon on the arm of her new husband, the count, putting the hustle and bustle of Hollywood far behind her. STAR Dealer Exclusive LE/3500.
  • Miscellaneous:

  • N/A- Savannah Doll (1999/ Katie McHale) Gene stars in an epic family saga, "Look Away, Look Away," set in the old South. Gene portrays a Southern belle who cares for her father and twin sisters after her mother’s death. Not to worry, a beau soon comes to her rescue. California winner of the Young Designers of America Competition. The ensemble is listed circa 1860. No information available on the year Gene may have starred in this film.
  • N/A- Baking Cookies Outfit (2000/ Tim Kennedy) In an early publicity shot for Monolithic Studios, Gene bakes cookies for the Bratzanjammer Boys. Gene wins the hearts of these "bad boys of Monolithic Studios" with her baking - and her warm ways.
  • N/A- Croquet, Anyone? Outfit (2000/ Lynne Day) Gene plays croquet with Hollywood's best and brightest - and comes out a winner!
  • N/A- The Perfect Gift Outfit (2000/ Regina Ganem) Gene and her best friend discover that when two people are busy, there's no more perfect gift than the gift of your time. Young Designers of America Competition Winner.
  • F N/A- Encore Doll (2000/ Lynne Day) Gene does a cameo as herself in this film about a soldier who makes it big in show biz after the war. Holiday Dealer Exclusive.
  • N/A- Undercover Story (2000/) Gene's underthings are just as glamorous as her outerwear.
  • N/A- Heart of Hollywood (2000/ Vince Nowell) Parkwest Naled Exclusive. Limited to 3,500.
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