The Z Surveys

This is the survey page dedicated to fans of Dragon Ball Z. I've reduced the number of surveys on the page (largely because I've had trouble collating them, for which I have my thesis to blame) into one major Z survey, posted below. Feel free to skip the sections you don't want to answer.

I've also been getting a fair amount of new survey responses, so thanks to the people who sent their Z-opinions in. =) I've began the tally, so the results should be out by the second week of May. Apologies for the delay, but I've been busy, and now that I finally have a little free time, I'll be updating this page soon.

The Dragon Ball Z Lair Survey

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Kamehameha: Heroes/Villains Clash

Warrior's Log (name):

Chikyuu Domain (e-mail):

Hero's Might - The Best Z Fighter/s Around:
Any other notable character?
Why this hero, eh?
Terrorspawns- The Best Z Villains Around:
Some other chilling villain out there?
Feh, why this villain?

Alternate Realms: DBZ Fanfiction

Do you read fanfics? Yes No

Any favorite fanfic writer?

What do you enjoy in fanfiction?

The Plot -- alternate Z universe
Hyperblasts -- fast-faced fighting
Glimpses -- character depiction & drama
I like a good read and a colorful tale

DBZ Lives On! General Ramblings

What I like in DBZ:

Z Message to the world:

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