In another dimension…what if all the Z Warriors weren’t earthlings? What if our heroes were reborn as alien rebels fighting against Frieza? And lastly what if the Saiyajins aren’t the only species able to go "Super". Trunks will yet found out about Another Parallel dimension were the characters are even more alternative and the war against Frieza has not ended, but has only begun...

Return of the Warriors

Chapter One: Beginning

The noon sun mediates over Capsule Corporation Building, which stood in the middle of the ruin city cause by decades of destruction from the hands of two acolytes known as androids. Inside Capsule Corporation in the gravity room, Trunks was completing his daily training in under high-pressure densities. Trunks was a handsome pink hair, blue eye teen wearing a black tank top and gray pants. The high-pressure gravity in the room often made the trainer feel like he/she is carrying weights. The outside area around Capsule Corporation was once a beautiful vast green area with a prosperous city, back when Trunks was a young boy and Son Gohan lived. Remembering Gohan was the best part about remembering the past. He had been like a big brother to him, teaching him not only how to fight, but to be discipline when doing so. But Trunks hadn’t been such a hot head Gohan would be here training in the gravity room too. The thought hit him and Trunks stopped in his set of katas…

"Son Gohan…" Trunks muttered lowering his head.

Son Gohan had went of out his way just to teach him how to become Super Saiyajin, but his arrogance kept swaying him from his goal. Teaching the path of becoming a true Super Saiyjin was a hard thing for Gohan. And the only way you can teach that is if you have to find the source…not a ki source…not a superior level…but a source that hides in the shadows of your soul. And when you find that source it won’t be pretty. This source is the twist side of you that hides all the worst fears, hatred and anger. When you reach this stage only then when you reach a Super Saiyajin. He remembered his first time he had to go through those three nightmares.

He and Gohan were suppose to go up against the android, but he wasn’t ready and Gohan knew it.

"Trunks, do it again...You must keep your mind cleansed. " Command Gohan.

"Hai, Gohan-San. Yaaaaaaiiiiihh!" the younger Trunks agreed as he continued his set of katas.

He figured the only way Trunks could reach Super Saiyajin would be to go up against the androids to experience real combat. Gohan realized his pupil stilled fought with anger and not concentrating on his target.

"If only I hadn’t…if only I hadn’t been so blind with hatred!" He said looking up into the light implanted in the wall above him.

For no reason, Gohan attacked him, knocking him out in the process. His luscious green world went black and when he reawaken Gohan was no were around. He found himself lying in the fields by the city. That’s when the first stage hit him: his worst fear. Gohan was nowhere to be found. He could of ran off to fight off the androids…they were too strong for him. He rushed towards the city, but the worst had happen. Son Gohan…the city…was gone only.

Then the second stage hit him: his hatred for thy enemy. The buildings were either split in two or totally submerged into the earth. In the former concrete streets laid bone fragments of unfortunate bystanders caught in the massacre. Gohan lying among the bony fragments lifeless. Shock and sicken, he couldn’t hold back his tears, the reality had happen. Son Gohan was dead. He went against the androids by himself and he didn’t stand a chance.

"Sooooon Gooooohaaannn Sssaaannn! WHAAAA!!!" He cried.

His cries signal the final stage in Super Saiyajin: his anger. The winds began to blow harshly causing small debris to propel through the air. His hair began to turn gold and his muscles grew a bit larger.

"…Aaaaaahhhh!" He continued.

"Trunks…" A feminine voice spoke.

Trunks awaken from his daydream. The gravity room heavy density was still on. The meter on the gravity machine began to beep. It had exceeded its time limits. If it stays on any long and the machine will blow. Trunks walks to the gravity machine control panel and turns it off, still wondering who called him.

"Trunks!" The feminine voice called again.

"Ko Shiatar?" Trunks answered. Ko Shiatar was summoning him from the intercom.

"Trunks, I’m thirsty. Can you get me somewhat?" Ko Shiatar asked.

Ko Shiatar being lazy as usual for the last eight months. But he couldn’t blame her since she was pregnant. After that ordeal in alternative world with Vegeta, Ko Shiatar had gone through a lot that he did everything for her until she recovered. In the meantime, everything else would be settled in the bedroom behind closed doors.

"Ko Shiatar I left your glass on the desk beside you." He replied.

"Where? I don’t see it." She said.

Trunks had face-faulted into the floor. He couldn’t believe that she could see the glass right in front of her.

"*I think the laziness is getting to her.* It’s right by intercom you can’t miss it." He replied again.

"Oh, there it is…Oops, I dropped it. Damn the glass broke." Answered Ko Shiatar.

"Don’t worry...I’ll get you another glass." Trunks sighed.

It had been tiring day for him. He admitted to himself that fixing the heaters in the villages, training and attending to his new pregnant wife was a bit hard to keep up with, but he reminds that he a Super Saiyajin and a man. Obstacles like this shouldn’t slow him down. Trunks had neared the kitchen when he caught the clinging of metal in his mother’s laboratory followed by a minor tremor under his feet. What the hell could she be doing, now, he thought?

"Damnit…" Another feminine voice spoke.

Trunks asked, "What’s wrong okaasan?"

"Not much, I might need your help, Trunks." Bulma yelled from the next room.

"What’s wrong?" He asked.

Trunks was slightly surprised to find his mother needing help with machines. After his grandfather died a decade ago, his mother took over the business with better ideas than his grandfather ever had. He walk into the lab to find his mom typing away it the computer hooked up to her Dimensional Inverse Translocation Matrix or the DITMIX machine, which Trunks preferred to call it. I thought she would be done messing with that machine, he thought. The DITMIX was huge, more than twice the height of a man, and shaped like a giant hoop set on its edge. Strange protrusions and clusters of objects were fastened all around the outer edge of this hoop, linked by wires and pipes and other gadgets, and within the circle and inside of the great hoop seemed to waver slightly, like heat-mirage. His mother, Bulma, had blue eyes and blue hair different from his own purple hair color, but the fact that his father black haired father, Vegeta contributed some chromosomes through a oral matter, he was blessed with cross between the two.

She wore black shirt with gray jean jacket over it and gray jean shorts. Trunks remember some of her earlier pictures when she was once young and beautiful, but decades hit her hard during the android era, she aged greatly.

Trunks shouted, "Okaasan I thought you were done with this machine."

She turned to him, "Yes I am. I mean…well I still working on it, but..."

Trunks pleaded, "Okaasan you promised not to mess with this again."

"Indeed I did, but the fact of the matter is I had nothing better else to do so I decided to modify it." Bulma sighed.

"Okaasan there are lots to do. How about reading a book for example." He replied.

"Look we still have no food and not enough heaters for the villagers outside." She returned.

"Mom, I’ve been working around the clock trying to help you make heaters for them." Said Trunks.

"We maybe getting the heaters done, but there’s still problem with the food." She pointed out.

Trunks opened his mouth, but no words came out. His mother was right, winter was right around the corner and most of crops weren’t fully-grown nor were there many animals that roam around the area. The heaters would keep the villages warm during the snowy nights, but what about the starvation rate among the villagers. But Trunks wasn’t going through another Ko Shiatar ordeal again either.

"…And what if the machine brings over another alien with similar problems to Ko Shiatar." He questioned.

Trunks would be damn if anymore else pops up from that machine as it did eight months ago, he was going to see personally that the DITMIX is destroyed if that happens.

"Well, I…you’re right." Bulma sighed as if she just lost a war.

"We should start by dismantling this thing." He said turning to the DITMIX

"I can’t…I mean..." She barely replied.

Trunks knew that look his mother was giving him. She had done something with that machine that she can’t even control.

"What happened." Sighed Trunks.

" After I modified the DITMIX, give it a visional dimension screen. " Explain Bulma.

She pressed the button the keyboard and a vest green landscape appeared on the screen. Oddly nothing was there to roam on the land, but a few crater settled in the earth. The greenness of the landscape reminded him of the world Trunks’ once knew, before the destruction of the androids.

She lowered her head, "You see I didn’t want to make the same mistake like I did eight months ago so I add the screen on there so we can see where the DITMIX leads too. Unfortunately…"

"Unfortunately?" Trunk said glaring at his mother.

"Well, for some reason it has locked on to this dimension here and it won’t unlock." She continued.

"So why don’t you cut it off." He answered.

"That’s the problem, Trunks. If I cut it off, the dimension portal on the other side would accelerate in reverse like a blackhole and it would be sucked into it." She explained.

Bulma hope that her explanation made it clear to Trunks that not all of God’s Creations can simply be turned "on" or "off." He merely sighed. His mother had mess with things that weren’t made to be bother with in the first place.

"That’s why I called you in here. You see we don’t know what is in that dimension. If they are any foes on the other side then you can take of them. Is that all right." She said. That pretty much explained it.

"Alright, but after we finish this we’re going too destroy this thing." Trunks said taking off his jacket.

Bulma turned back to the computer, "Okay. Here goes."

She pressed another button and the waves in the middle of the hoop begin to quaver violently as they have before. The air began to darken almost as if were turn into a smoke screen. After seeing such an event happening like this before, Trunks could tell that the air coming in through the hoop was the inter-dimensional atmosphere from within. The wind began to blow hard, which was excepted, but this time it died quicker than last time. Suddenly, the two of them could hear a voices coming from within, but they couldn’t make them put.

He asked, "Okaasan, can you here that."

She continued typing, "Yes, Trunks. I think someone is coming through. Get ready."

Trunks in front of the dimensional doorway to face whatever’s coming through. He gets into a fighting stance to prepare himself for any melee the enemy has prepared for him.

"I’m ready, Okaasan." Replied Trunks.

The waves continued to accelerated and the voices got louder and louder. At the moment three dark figures dropped out of the portal. Trunks wanted to give the dimensional "monsters" a chance to defend themselves. It’s possible they could be peaceful.

"Alright, get to your feet. Show yourselves now."

"What the hell?!" The "alien" stood up. The "monster" was too "monster" at, but a human male wearing an orange with a crest on the front.

He look about fifteen or sixteen years of age with black hair tied beyond his back in a ponytail and widows peek, green eyes and muscle form more built than his. The outfit he wore was all too familiar with Trunks and Bulma. They know only four people who have dawn such clothing were Son Goku, Son Gohan, Yamacha and Kurririn. This made them wonder what kind of relationship did he have with the Kame style.

"Where am I and who hell are you people." The teenage pointed at Trunks.

The boy looked fiercely at him with his feet positioned apart as he prepared to attack. Trunks and Bulma took a good look at the boy’s face and he had some strikingly resemblance to Goku and his father. The boy grinned reminded them of how Goku would often grinned when face with a new challenge. Behind him, a three-foot brown furry tail whipped out from back of him. They realized he was a Saiyajin.

"What’s going on here?" The other slider spoke up as he got himself off the floor.

"Kuso, we’re being ambushed ya, asshole. What do you think is going on?" The third one answered.

"What the…" Trunks said with the surprising relations.

Two Namekians stood up at the Saiyajin’s side. Their looks and power levels were exactly like…Piccolo’s. Trunks remember meeting Piccolo after slaying Frieza and he also took note of the pattern of his aura. The Namekianjins possessed the same chi. Trunks lowered his stance not to give the newcomers the wrong impression.

He glared harsh at Trunks, "Tell us what’s going on now."

"Please stop. We aren’t going to hurt you." Bulma pleaded

"Commander B-Bulma, is that you. What are you doing here and how come you look so old."

Bulma face redden at the comment. She was indeed old, but letting the word stick out like that really ticked her off.

"You bastard what have you done to Bulma?" He cursed.

Bulma was unable to hold her anger. The boy had tried her patience "Look he hasn’t done nothing. He is my son. Who are you anyway and how do you know me?"

"Bulma, you don’t recognize us. It’s me…"

Trunks cuts him off, "Shut up, all right. Just be quiet for a minute and I’ll explain everything."


Part 2


Later that day in Trunks’ room in Capsule Corporation building, Trunks sat on the edge of the bed where his wife, Ko Shiatar laid motionless under the covers. Her belly now the size of a basketball grew and shrunk as she respirated. He put his right hand under the cloth covers touching her soft stomach. He smiled in excitement in the response he got in a throbbing pulse from the embryo inside. In about one month Trunks was going to be father and he had no idea on whether it was going to be a boy or a girl. All he hoped for his sibling is that he or she will grow up in a better atmosphere then the one he had to grow up in.

With his left hand he removed the hair in front of her face. Ko Shiatar was indeed a young beautiful maiden with long black hair and an average muscular form for female. She wore nothing more than a silk blouse which was once his mother’s.

"Sleep tight. You only have one more month till delivery." Trunks whispered into her ear before kissing her on her forehead.

He got up and walked to the door, taking one last look at her before descending out. Trunks sighed in exhaustion. It had been a long day with the production of the heaters for the village, which seems to be slowing done due to the lack of materials. Then to make matters worse his mother modifies DITMIX machine and opens up portal to God knows and ends bring over three wanders from another dimension. The day seems to get worser and worser by the hour. When approached the kitchen he can metal ringing noises coming from inside. Ting! Ting! Ting! Ting! The ringing sounded more like silverware being pounded on the table repeatedly. In association with the ringing, three voices begin chanting in the background.

"Food! Food! We want food! Food! Food! We want food!" The three voices chanted.

"Shut up, okay! The foods going to be done in a minute. So can you be quiet." Bulma yelled from inside.

"Food! Food! We want food! Food! Food! We want food!" The three of them continued to chanting, mocking the old woman for even wanting silence in the room.

Bam! Bam! Bam! The sounds of metal hitting flesh echoed through the hall along with a few frying pans and dish that flow out the double doors. The chanting had stopped and he could hear groaning not to far from him. Seconds passed and yet there was still silence in the kitchen. Trunks mind began to pathetic. He hoped the guests weren’t provoked by his mother’s attitude. He still was unaware of their full attentions.

"Heaven help me, if these bastards have hurt her…" Said Trunks silently to himself as slide thought the double doors quietly.

He unsheathed his sword while entering the room, but to Trunks surprise…

"Now be Quuuuiiiiiieeeeettttt!" Bulma yelled.

Trunks nearly face-faulted at what he saw. At the small round dinner table in the middle of the room, the three wanders were lying half-unconscious on the table with huge lumps on the back of their heads. Bulma was standing over them with a wooden mallet pissed at their foolish ignorance. The mallet was three times the size of the human head and it almost looked as if it were right out of a cartoon. On the hilt of the wooden mallet, the name Akane Tendo was inscribed in black kanji words. And like every anime character, she puts it back into the anime dimension for later.

"Okaasan, I though you were hurt." Trunks said as regained his balance.

"I can take care of myself, thank you very much." She snapped angrily.

Trunks resheathed his sword see no need to use on his guests.

"Man, what the hell? I thought you said we were in another dimension. How the hell do women have mallet in this dimension too." The first Namekianjin spoke up.

The second Namekians answered, "Not every dimension isn’t that different. There are some similarities."

"Like hell it is." Said the Saiyajin boy as he awoke.

"Hold up. Hold up. Now that three have been given a listen on matters, can I please get some names."

"…Well, my name is Rute." The Saiyajin teen spoke.

The boy looked Trunks’ face over. His face was strangely familiar along with his "ki." Even though Trunk’s "ki" was new to him, his instinct told that he felt this source of power before. He wonder what Trunk’s relationship was with in this dimensional world.

"My name is Mith." The second Namekian answered.

Mith along with his counterpart sitting across from him had the same exact looks as Piccolo. He wore a white robe with a cape wrapped around his neck, which connected to blue emblem and a golden circlet. Unlike his Namekian twin, he didn’t seem to have an attitude problem, he only maintained a calm and carefree personality.

"Hmph." The other Namekian didn’t bother to speak.

"And this is my twin brother Namik." Mith continued.

Namik seemed to be problem. His short-temper, bad manners and use of fowl language weren’t necessary. The Namekian’s personality reminded him of the way Piccolo acted back before the androids ruin the world. He wore a purple vest, white baggy pants, yellow arm pads and yellow & black high tops.

"My name is Trunks and this is mom, Bulma." He explained.

"Foods done." Said Bulma pressing a button on the wall behind the stove.

"Oh, man. I have been starvin all day." Rute shouts out tying the napkin around his neck.

Bulma’s capsule robots appear out of the closet by her and collected the variety of meals and put them on a small table. It proceeded towards Rute and placed the several plates in front of him. The robot then open it’s hatch at it’s belly and pulling out two glasses of water and gave one to each Namekian.

Rute quickly snatched up his knife and fork, "Hey, hey I got a big meal."

Now tell me everything about your world." Trunks while pulled up a seat.

"Well, I guess the three of us could take a turn at telling the story." Mith suggested.

Rute stopped stuffing his mouth and sighed, "I’ll go first. Hmmm…Long ago, the king of the Saiyajins, Vegeta and the rest of Saiyajins race went to war with Frieza and his minions. The war was very bloodshedding and it lasted for years. Vegeta first tried sending his best Saiyajin scout to find a planet with strong in habitants to form an alliances.

Trunks interrupted, "Where these Saiyajins also bent on enslaving planets."

"No, why?" Rute asked.

"I’ll explain later." Trunks discontinued.

Rute continued, "The scouts were relative to some of the most important people to the war. Bradock, Vegeta’s lieutenant, sent his second eldest son Parsnip, but Frieza men damaged his pod during a space raid and his pod crashed on Earth. Many years’ later, King Vegeta young general, Nappa, volunteered his brother baby Letto. At the same time Rute’s grandfather’s had a daughter name Vega and Bardock had a son name Kakkakrot, my father."

"Like his brother Parsnip, Kakkakort was sent to Earth to find strong inhabitants while Vega was sent to the front lines to near Frieza’s home planet."

Parsnip and Letto? Maybe Parsnip is Goku, which is very different from Kakkarot Trunks thought. But who is Letto though?

"…Some years later, Frieza and his army tried a sneak attack. He was going to destroy the Saiyajin planet Vegeta in one quick blast, but Frieza’s top men Zarbon, Dordaria and the Ginyu Force had tricked Frieza in taking the back route where they meet Vegeta and his army. Man, did the two of them duke it. The battle was so bad that Vegeta ended up going Super Saiyajin."

Trunks eyes widen, "What…You’re kidding."

Rute merely smirked, "Nope, Emperor Vegeta known from then on as the first Super Saiyajin. Frieza turned chicken and fled to a nearby planet before moving on to Namek."

"My turn…after Frieza left back to his home planet with his father King Cold. Frieza stay and healed his wounds of revenge. As far as I been told King Cold want his son to forget Vegeta and command him to take over Namek. Weeks after hearing the death of King Cold, many of Frieza people and their neighboring planet Namek had fled to Vegeta for protection."

"Geez, let me guess now you have all banned together to fight Frieza. Why don’t you just take him out? Frieza should not be a problem."

"Well that’s just the problem. My father had created "wishing orbs" or Dragonballs, which grant any wish to a certain point and…the subject has to be on the…same plane."

"Dragonballs!!! I know about them. I use to look for them when I was younger."

"This has been a long interesting story and it’s getting interesting by the minute."


Note: This story connects with Full Circle and The Last Warrior. Ko Shiatar is only making cameo appearance. For the author’s best interest I won’t mention it anything about Full Circle.


Rute: Root=Vegeta is the king of the vegetable people and Rute is the root of the throne.

Namek: Slug

Mith: Myth

Letto: Lettuce

Parsnip: Parsnip

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