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Son Gohan-kun

Image courtesy of the DB Core.

Brief Series Overview:

This is the story of seven Dragon Balls said to be able to make *any* wish come true. Son Gokou, who lives alone deep in the mountains, meets Bulma, and the quest for the Dragon Balls begin...

Gokou grows up, is now married to Chichi. He has a young son, Gohan, when a mysterious visitor introduces himself as the Saiyan Radditsu and claims to be Gokou's brother. He announces that Gokou, too, is a Saiyan, and that they must destroy the inhabitants of earth. When Gokou refuses, he kidnap Gohan. Gokou teams up with Piccollo to defeat the stranger, and a wary alliance is formed.

Thus begins the story of Dragon Ball Z. It winds on down to the battle between Gokou and Vegeta. With the combined efforts of Gokou, Gohan and Kuririn, Vegeta leaves the planet. But now some of the Z warriors are dead. To resurrect them, the Dragon Balls in the planet Nameck are needed. And then they face Freeza. And even his brother, Coola.

Then Dr. Gero unveils his demented plans for world dominion through the ultimate android, Cell. They meet the handsome and enigmatic Trunks, Vegeta and Bulma's son from the future. Gohan unleashes his power and defeats the green monster. Fast forward. Gohan is now a teenager, he has a brother, Goten, and a new friend in Videl. Majin Buu arrives, and the flames of battle are ignited once again.

While this is hardly an encompassing summary, it gives you a really brief overview of the series. It introduces you to some of the more prominent characters. I'm sure other sites can give you a better summary of the Z timeline, so I won't bother for now. If you do have further questions, however, just mail me and I'll try to get back to you asap.

Character Descriptions:

Note: I'll change the image as soon as I find a better one. If you're willing to contribute one (and be given credit for it), send in the image. Thanks.

Another note: There are many spelling variations in Dragon Ball Z. I've used these variations to suit my purposes. There are other ways to spell their names (i.e. Gokou -- Goku, Vegeta -- Vejita, etc.) so *please* don't make such a big issue of spelling variations.

Pass your mouse over the image to view the brief character description on the textbox to the left:

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