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The Great Fighting Tournament

Saiyan Eyes

Welcome to the Dragon Ball Z Lair. This is basically a fan site, and since it's *my* site, what the heck, I decided to be a little crazy here. ;) Nonetheless, through all the ramblings, I hope you'll find something useful or entertaining here. The site has an some book recommendations from stuff available at Any Yu Yu Hakusho fans dropping by? Head for the YYH Fanfic Lair. ^^

And as for the people who are visiting the site for the first time, I've only a single word to say: Irrashaimase! The DBZ Lair is your basic DBZ-crazed anime site, so whether you happen to be looking for Z Profiles, fanfics, images, or even a Z survey, it's been included here. In a way, I've attempted to incorporate the diversity of DBZ's world of chikyuu. After all, that's part of the fun of watching the anime develop.

Oh, and please do log in the warrior's list (sign the guestbook)! Always glad to know a few people stopped by. Or please vote for this site in the Anime Top 50. And lastly, drop by the RyRealm, my personal web site. Arigato ne!

Mirai Trunks-san

Image courtesy of the DB Core.

So What's Up?

Well, in a nutshell, I present below a Site Map of the DBZ Lair, as well as brief descriptions for each section:

The Lair

Fairly self-explanatory. :) This be the page you're looking at. It contains a brief introduction to the site, a Site Map, and my guestbook (which I implore the visitor to sign, by the way).
Character information and general series information. Also contains my Updates section as well.
The Z Lair image gallery. Most of the images I've created myself using the Anime Designer. Some have come from the DB Pics ML. I've included the source of the images so (hopefully) credit has been given to where it's due.
The realm of demented exploration. ;) I've included here a couple of the DBZ fanfics I've created. I also post stories by other writers, so please feel free to send 'em in. It might take me a while to get back at you, but I assure you that your works will be posted and given credit to.
The ol' "who's the best?" and "who's the baddest?" in the DBZ world revisited. I've revised the surveys, and am still in the process of compiling the results from the previous ones. They'll be posted as soon as I'm done.
Explore that brave new world--the Internet. Links to other DBZ sites and others of general interest.

The Guestbook

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