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Introduction (or here we go again…)


First it was Alucard and now, it's a cute widdle redheaded samurai…

Sigh. It must be the bishounen thing. I mean, I'm nuts over Kurama too. Now THERE'S another cute bishounen anime guy and he's a redhead as well. Two redheads and a blonde. Must see if I can find some raven-haired cuties in the anime world…mmm, Sano's Captain Sagara has some INTERESTING possibilities…

Okay, standard disclaimers apply. I'm not a plagiarist, Rurouni Kenshin does not belong to me. Ruroken is the magnificent creation of the equally magnificent Nobuhiro Watsuki (ALL HAIL!!!). I'm not making any profit off this story, no copyright infringement is intended, I'm just a poor college grad having some fun.

Without giving too much of the plot away, this story grew out of my demented tendency to try and put a supernatural twist on my favorite animes. I mean, Ranma ˝ had that Halloween special on the OAV's (remember the cursed doll?) and Yu Yu Hakusho is ALREADY rich with supernatural twists (duh, it's translated as GHOST FIGHTER in my country). Out of the blue, the image of Kenshin in Battousai mode, clad all in black, started to haunt me. [Ooooh, gorgeous, must write about it…(insert maniacal laughter here)]

Then, I stumbled across some really excellent fanfics that did something similar—Madam Hydra's TOTALLY COOL Nightwitch series comes to mind—and so I finally decided to just sit down and write it. I hope you fans out there like my humble little offering to fanficdom.

Um, before any Saitoh fans attack me with Zero-stance Gatotsu, I REALLY wanted to bug Saitoh. I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself, he keeps bugging EVERYONE and I can't use the Tokio thing to bug him, everyone else is doing that already. So…he's acting a bit out of character here but I LOVE the Kenshin-gumi (Kenshin, especially) so I decided that it was time for them to get some payback on the Wolf.

Oh, yes, my knowledge of Japanese is nil and I'm basically learning a few words here and there from the fics I read. So, I'm letting Kenshin and company talk the way they do (more or less) in the English-dubbed anime. "Samurai X" is FUN, really! But don't worry, the 'oro' thing is still here. Can't imagine Ken-chan without it!

MUCHO THANKS to my best friend Elaine for putting up my fics on her page. Check out her WAY EXCELLENT Kurama fics (grovel, grovel)! Anyway, on with the show!

Pls. check the left bar (below the Battousai picture) for the links to the fanfics. Arigato!

Webmaster's note: Site updated July 16, 2000. After over half a year, Chapter 7 has finally been posted (Part A anyway). ^^ Gomen ne for the delay, but thanks for the continued interest shown about Kat's fic. Kat's RK site has a guestbook (or rather, the message board)! Onegai - leave your comments for Kat! I'm sure she'll appreciate them.

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