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So what would a good DBZ site be without a few pictures? I've included here some images I've assembled some time ago using the Anime Designer. I've been having problems installing it in my new computer, so I can't assemble other images in the meantime. So I'm limited to my old images until I can get the DBZ Anime Designer to work again. Note: I can no longer get a copy of the DBZ Anime Designer. Gomen ne.

I'll be uploading other images in the future, and I'll be including a link to the DBZ Pictures ML as well. I also have a working scanner now, so I'll be scanning some images from my DBZ cards and CDs as I go along. If you'd like to contribute an image, mail me and file-attach the image. I'll post it and give the sender credit for it (unless it came from some other source you'd like me to credit). That sounds fair enough, ne?

Mirai Trunks

Image courtesy of Malu Legorreta.

So here be the images:

Note: Click on the thumbnails to display full image and right-click (Save Image As...) to download. Feel free to download the images. If however, you intend to use them on your web page, please give credit to this site and maybe add a link back. Thank you.

Gokou and Vegeta at a Tenkaichi Budokai setting blasting each other
The fused forms of Gokou and Vegeta: Gogeta/Gojita and Vegeto/Vejito
SSJ Vegeta and SSJ3 Gokou and one of their fused forms (Vegeto) in a sort of grim sky setting
The Son Clan: Son Gokou with his sons, teenage Gohan and SSJ Goten
SSJ Goten and SSJ Trunks charge forward with their fused form, SSJ Gotenks
Some Z warriors (with Tenshinhan, Picollo, Vegeta and Gokou) and Shenlong the Dragon rising out of the sky
Some major villains in DBZ: Freeza, Coola, Cell and Majin Buu

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