Fate's Destiny

(Part VII)

By: Ryquest

I awoke to the hazy morning light of Makai, squinting while trying to make out my whereabouts. Then I remembered that I lay not far from where the battle occurred yesterday, and beside the fallen body of Kashiesa. I turned to find that her body was gone, and only the Dagger remained. I grasped the Dagger, then recalled with clarity our meeting within its mists a night before, and I couldn't help blushing. Somehow, as I looked, the now-white stone pulsed in a pale-pink color. Hn…then I didn't imagine all that had happened. Oh, Kashiesa…

I tucked the dagger firmly in my belt, then stood and stretched. My body was slightly stiff from the battle the day before, and some parts were aching. I stretched my muscles a little, trying to remove the tightness where I found them. Satisfied, I began to walk away, and with a silent glance to where Kashiesa had fallen, I began to move toward the path near the edge of the trees where Kuronue had initially emerged. I had a feeling the path would lead to Yatsuke, and my eyes gleamed in dark malice. You have something to answer for to me, Mage. First, about my old friend, then Kashiesa.

Suddenly, I heard running footsteps behind me, and I found Yusuke, Kuwabara and Hiei sprinting toward me. I eyed then in surprise, wondering whatever possessed them to come to Makai. Even Hiei, who normally acts like he couldn't care less if I get into another mess, but who's saved me enough times to refute that claim. My fellow Rei Kai Tantei approached, and I nodded to them in greeting, my thoughts still on the Youkai Mage.

"Ohayo, Kurama," Yusuke said, and he started glancing around. "Oi, where's your friend?"

"Yuira? She's…gone…" I said, looking at the Dagger by my side. But still with me, somehow.

"Nani?!" Kuwabara rushed forward, his face incredulous. "What happened, Kurama?"

"My old friend Kuronue showed up, and we fought," I said softly, not really eager to tell them about all that occurred. "He's gone now, though."

"You defeated him?" Yusuke asked, glancing at the forest area, looking for traces of the battle.

"In a manner of speaking, yes," I sighed, then smiled slightly. "Now, just what brings you guys here?"

"Koenma sent us," Yusuke stated. "He said this Yatsuke is trying to gain power by conquering Ningenkai. So we're supposed to stop him before he unleashes some dark magic spell." He grinned. "So you see, Kurama, this affair becomes our business now, too."

"I see," I nodded, then met Hiei's glance. A spark of understanding flashed across his face as his eyes fell to the Dagger. His expression was unfathomable as usual, but I thought I had detected a sad smile then a slight frown.

"So that's the legendary Dagger of Night?" Hiei remarked. Then he shrugged. "Doesn't seem all that powerful."

"It isn't," I said, remembering the sacrifice it took to make it so. "Now." I didn't feel the need to elaborate.

The enigmatic Koorime merely nodded. "I thought so." Then he started walking toward the path without looking back. "You'd better come along if you intend to find this Yatsuke soon."

I had to smile. Trust Hiei to seem so uncaring and practical, yet I can tell from the momentary glimmer in his eyes that he did feel sympathy for me. I could also sense the dark promise of vengeance.

So I followed the Koorime, and Yusuke and Kuwabara brought up the rear. The trip through the forest path had been silent, and I was lost to my own thoughts. So it'll be a while till I see Kashiesa again. I won't have to wait that as long to meet Yatsuke…and kill him. If I had my fox ears, I knew they would be twitching. Perhaps they were, within this ningen body. I fell in step with Hiei. He glanced at me, the returned his glance to the road ahead. My hand fell to the Dagger at my side, and I could almost feel a pulse of warmth. I gripped the hilt and smiled. For Kuronue and Kashiesa. Revenge will be sweet.

So," the man in crimson robe snorts. "You come for me, kitsune thief." He strokes his short, angular beard, his slanted eyes twinkling with delight. "You have eluded Kuronue, and even turned him from my side. But you will not elude me, Youko Kurama."

He gazes at the small sphere of light hovering directly in front of his face, taking note of the four figures that were headed for his domain. The four fighters stepped with purpose, particularly the red-haired youkai in ningen form, whose eyes were blazing with fury. He seemed to blaze with unseen energy, some of which had been flowing from the Dagger and merging with his own ki, intensifying his power. The Youkai Mage chuckles, rubbing his hands excitedly, his long claw-like nails clinking together hollowly in the darkened chamber which was his own. He watches for a moment, then turns from the light. The sphere flares, then vanishes, leaving the man in near-darkness. Only his pale yellow eyes could be seen flashing in the gloom.

"A siren's song and a thief's fury," he mumbles to himself, fingering the sword by his side with caressing touches. "So you think you have overcome the Dagger, siren…" The sword seems to shake, then glows with a crimson color akin to his robes. He glances at it and smiles. He draws the sword, which he holds up before his eyes. His gaze falls to the blood-red stone set on its pommel, then on near-black blade. The man then begins to laugh with malice and glee. The glow from the sword intensifies, its spirit in communion with the youkai's own.

"The siren's soul sings her songs of peace and longing," the Youkai Mage states, aware of the low humming that resounds from the sword as the black blade seems to vibrate in his hands. "And I will sing the song of death."

Inside the swirling mists within the Dagger, a soul stirs, even as her sighs blend with the mists. She hears the call of a kindred spirit, though this spirit is dark and troubled, its musing twisted and weary, verging on the insane. The figure of Kashiesa forms, and she stares ahead into the impenetrable eddies of groping white fingers that shrouded the world that was now her home. Her voice lifts into distraught song, the words lost in the midst of her the tumultuous beating of her heart.

Kurama, koibito…she sighs, remembering their short rendezvous the night before. This new voice in the Void troubles her, though she cannot detect its source. Why does it sound so familiar? As if I should recognize it from my past. Yet I do not.

She reaches out with her thoughts, lifting her voice into a song of encouragement, sending its message across the Void's infinity to the youkai thief she had come to love. She only hopes that he will hear her warning, and understand. Already, her soul had difficulty reaching Makai, even in trying to contact the youkai's soul. I am merging with the Dagger's world, and soon I can no longer contact him. Oh Kurama…

Despair momentarily flickers in her glorious silver eyes, to be replaced with a burning determination. She reaches forth within her remaining reservoir of power within herself, and her song intensifies, attempting to blend with the voice that was uniquely the youkai thief's own. He must feel the danger. He must, or he himself will be lost.

Nani mo sore…?

My eyes stray to the Dagger, and I can detect a sense of…urgency? From Kashiesa? I focus my attention to the gleaming pale white stone at the pommel, and it seemed to be glowing with energy. I draw the Dagger from my belt and place the pommel in front of my eyes. I can almost see the mists I had encountered when I was with Kashiesa. And I can almost detect a figure shrouded in white, straight and proud. I close my eyes and stop walking. Her song fills my ears. There are no words, only a melody. Her song was of tenacity and strength, of hope and triumph, yet cloaked underneath with uncertainty of purpose. It was also, to me, a warning.

The others have stopped, and stared at me as I replaced the Dagger to my belt. Hiei's fiery eyes bore into mine, a questioning glance if I ever saw one. Yusuke and Kuwabara stared at me with puzzlement in their faces. I took a deep breath and faced them all.

"It was a warning, from Yuira," I stated. "Never mind how I got it. It's true."

They nodded slowly, and I could sense the lingering doubt, though they were at least willing to listen. How can I tell them how you speak directly into my soul, Kashiesa? Then, seeing that I did need to explain further, I squared my shoulders and continued.

"The Dagger has a kindred," I said slowly, waiting for the words to sink in. "A more powerful kindred. If I am not mistaken, Kashiesa has detected the presence of a Sword of Night.

"It is with Yatsuke. And we must destroy it, lest Rekai and Ningenkai both perish beneath its blade."

Part VII complete! Final battle fast approaching. Before any Hiei-Kurama fans flame me, this fanfic is a "what-if" based on a discussion I had with a friend about what it would be like if Kurama was somehow attached to a girl. This is a non-yaoi fanfic, at least for the moment. For any comments, suggestions, and (heck) even flames, just mail to ryquest! I'd appreciate any feedback I can get about the fanfics. Ja ne!

Yu Yu Hakusho is a copyright of Yoshihiro Togashi / Shue Isha Fuji TV, Studio Pierrot. This fanfic is for non-commercial, entertainment purposes only.





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