Fate's Destiny

(Part I)

By: Ryquest

My life in ningenkai is rather well defined, so to speak. Except for a few adventures with the other rei kai tantei, it hasn't been too exciting. On this particular day, I was coming home from school, a load of homework with me. I sighed. Sometimes I wondered why I exerted so much effort to be the best student in high school. But I recall how proud my mother is about that, and that gives me enough motivation.

I suddenly stop. I glance to the west, toward the dark alley I usually avoided, not out of fear but I found that fighting thugs wasn't really much of a challenge, and I tried to keep out of trouble whenever possible, even if for mother's sake. On this day, however, I did not detect the usual assortment of thieves who lurked in the alley hoping for easy prey. The scent I detected made my hackles rise, and I realized that I detected something out of the ordinary. And that I was being stalked.

I put down my pack on the sidewalk and waited, arms crossed and seemingly impassive. They were coming closer, those strange beings. My brow wrinkled slightly. Here they come. I tugged a seed seemingly out of the air, and within moments, I held a single red rose. No sense not being ready for anything. I stood with my back to the wall, my senses alert. Anytime now…

All of a sudden, a ningen girl burst out of the alley, tears streaking her face and fear in her eyes. Nani? I could barely comprehend what was happening before she collapsed in my arms, an imploring look on her face. "Youkai…" she mumbled, before she fainted. Nani?! Masaka! Demo… I gently set her down and concentrated on the scent coming from the alley. Yes, they were demons, but how they had arrived I did not know. Looks like Koenma did not warn us on this one.

Six of them burst out of the alley, fanged four-armed monsters with eyes devoid of intelligence. They seemed almost mechanical, like puppets, though I did not doubt they were deadly from the venom dripping from their fangs. I dodged their attacks easily, though I was determined to keep myself between them and the girl. They slashed at the air with their claws, moaning like wraiths. I'm tired of this, I think I'll end you bastards now.

"Kagon-Retsuzan-Shi!" The rose whip spun in the air, catching them in midstride. I wasted no time in cutting them to pieces. As Hiei would remind me, finishing off opponents at once was generally advisable. Within moments, all six were dead, spliced into numerous pieces. As I watched, the pieces seemed to boil and vanish, leaving behind no trace of the battle. That was all well and good, since cleaning up was not my favorite activity. Still, I had to wonder what that business had been all about.

I turned to the girl where she lay on the sidewalk, still unconscious but breathing. I could see that she had sustained cuts in numerous places, though, and that she was bleeding. I scanned my senses over her, trying to detect if she had been poisoned in some way. ~Hn~ There's something about her, something unique about her ki… I was not going to find out sitting there, though, and she needed attention. I hoisted her in my arms and began to walk home, hoping that no one I knew saw me in this compromising situation. The last thing I needed were rumors running around school that Shuichi Minamino was carrying a girl around.

I decided to take her to my room through climbing the tree beside my bedroom window. No sense in alarming okaa-san…she doesn't need to worry about something like this. Once I had entered my room, I placed her on the bed gently and got some cloth and bandages to wrap her wounds. I wiped the blood from her face, noting that she was quite pretty, with delicate features and long braided purple hair. She reminded me of a fragile figurine that needed much care and attention, and yet there was something about her that suggested fierce determination and strength. She had run from the demons and attempted to escape on her own, hasn't she? I proceeded to bandage her wounds. Then, satisfied that she was safe from any immediate danger, I decided to get her a cup of water or something downstairs.

Just then, my mother entered the room, carrying a tray of food. Shiori almost dropped the tray and fainted when she saw the girl on the bed. I quickly rushed to support her and gently guided her to sit on the chair and set the tray down on the study desk. She glanced from the girl to me, surprise in her eyes with a questioning gaze that demanded me to explain what was going on. I sighed. So much for stealth, you youkai thief.

"S-Shuu-chan, what…" she began, and I gently embraced her, trying to ease her concern. "Who's the girl?! You didn't elope with her, have you?"

Elope?! Just where did she get that idea? "Uh, no, of course not, okaa-san!" Definitely not with someone I did not even know. "You see, she was being attacked by, uh, some thugs, and I…rescued her. Then she fainted, but she was wounded, so I decided to bring her here for treatment." There, that was true enough. I didn't think mother could bear the thought of demons lurking around.

"So ka…" she mumbled, and stood up to examine the girl. I just stood behind her silently and watched her careful scrutiny. After a while, I could sense her relief and concern. She could see that the girl wasn't seriously wounded, which was good. But we didn't know a thing about her, which I think worried her a bit.

"So what do you plan to do with her, Shuu-chan? Once she wakes up, I mean." For some reason, mother was blushing.

"Uh, ask her who she is and where she lives, I guess," I said, since that was the most logical thing to do. "Maybe escort her home. She still seems a bit weak, after all."

"Hai, that would be for the best, I think," she nodded, approving of my plan. "Ne, Shuu-chan?"

"Hn? What is it, okaa-san?"

"She's…quite cute, isn't she? Are you sure she isn't your girlfriend, by any chance?"

Girlfriend?! I tried to suppress a groan. Okaa-san was definitely getting ideas. "You're right, she's…kawaii, but she isn't my girlfriend. Really!"

She smiled and embraced me, then headed for the door. "I was just teasing you, Shuu-chan. Then again, I won't object to you having a girlfriend, either. Now rest and eat. Call me if you or the girl need anything, ne?"

"H-Hai!" I said and smiled. Perhaps what has bound me to ningenkai so long was mother's love and concern. Being Shuichi Minamino, I learned how to appreciate the affection and emotions inherent to being human.

Mother left and gently closed the door behind her. I studied the girl again, noting that some color had returned to her cheeks. That was good, I thought. She began to moan and mumble a little, so I got the glass of water and raised her gently from the bed, trying to get her to drink. Her eyes fluttered for a moment, and I could see that they were clear golden brown, with a sparkle that somehow intrigued me. She drank the water, and after a while, I laid her back on bed. She immediately fell asleep.

Just where did the youkai come from, and why were they chasing this particular girl? She was an ordinary ningen girl, and yet..somehow I sensed she wasn't ordinary. It was as if…demo, fukano na…it couldn't be…that she was like me. A demon trapped in a human body. I studied her again, and this time, I could not shake off the feeling that our destinies where ultimately inexorably linked.

Okay, that's Part I. =) Before any Hiei-Kurama fans flame me, this fanfic is a "what-if" based on a discussion I had with a friend that what if Kurama was somehow attached to a girl? Would Hiei slice her/them up with a katana? I'm trying to explore the possibility of other youkai like Kurama who have been born into human bodies. So there, Part II coming up next. For any comments, suggestions, and (heck) even flames, just mail to ryquest!

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