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"Where am I now?," you mutter to yourself. Well, you've basically landed yourself in my fanfic section. Glad you made it. =)

Fan Fiction. Stirs the imaginative souls of many anime-crazed writers around the Web. There's something infinitely mystical and enjoyable about tweeking anime situations and character to (more or less) do your bidding. Basically, it's a fun sort of thing.

There are many stories floating around the Net, the plots ranging from expansions of the current storyline, alternate dimensions, and generally a lot of "what-if" situations. I explored some situations in DBZ that are not exactly battle-related. I muse about what some characters would be thinking, and what they'd do when faced with realizations. The results have proven to be interesting.

I'm also trying to explore the battle-related stories behind DBZ, but the ideas still have to be encoded into the ol' word processor. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy reading the small collection of stories in this page.

UPDATE: Posted "Gohan Mo Aishiteru" (at last). To read, refer to the link below. Also started crossover with Yu Yu Hakusho. I'm open to DBZ story ideas, so if you have any, please feel free to mail me.

Son Gohan (again)

Image courtesy of the DB Core.

The Fanfics

The Herald of Hope

My first DBZ fanfic. Set after the Bojack movie, young Gohan enjoys a time of peace and contemplation. And he just can't help meeting a few pleasant surprises along the way.

Light and Shadow

Vegeta reflects on his relationship with his wife Bulma and their son Trunks. The Saiyajin prince in one of his (relatively) quiet moments.

Destiny's Fortunes

What if Mirai Trunks went back in time and met his mentor Gohan before he faced the androids and died? A brief insight into the character of the maimed one-armed warrior.

Gohan mo Aishiteru

Somehow, Videl makes Gohan nervous, although he absolutely has no idea why. But Videl has some hidden agenda of her own...and it doesn't only involve saving the world.

Return of the Warriors ch. 1 by Namek

In another dimension…what if all the Z Warriors weren't earthlings? What if our heroes were reborn as alien rebels fighting against Frieza? And lastly what if the Saiyajins aren't the only species able to go "Super". Trunks will yet found out about Another Parallel dimension were the characters are even more alternative and the war against Frieza has not ended, but has only begun...

YYH Fanfics!

I've made a separate page for my Yu Yu Hakusho fanfics, and the DBZ/YYH crossover (Thief of Fortune) can be found that page as well. Enter Ryquest's YYH Fanfic Lair! :)

Got any fanfic you'd like posted here?

Just mail 'em in! I'll be glad to post them for you, or add a link to your fanfic story at least.

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