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The Castlevania Fanfic Lair


By: the Kat

Elaine and I have been friends for the LONGEST time. We both got into Sherlock Holmes in high school, then J.R.R. Tolkien. She even got me hooked on David Eddingsí Belgariad & Malloreon series. Besides books, we also loved to write. We were secretly doing fan fiction about Sherlock Holmes and Star Wars in the middle of Geometry class where the Force made more sense to me than a geometric theorem. So when the anime craze resurfaced in the Philippines, beginning with Dragon Ball Z, we both got hooked. She had dibs on Gohan, I thought Gokou was cute. And we both adore Kurama from Yu Yu Hakusho. Writing fan fiction about them was just a matter of course. Besides, the Internet had also come into vogue and we found out other people were also putting on sites devoted to these guys. And WRITING fan fiction about them too.

Finally, I thought, why not try the same thing too? Elaine also had the same idea. The result is the way COOL homepage youíre seeing now. Read her Kurama story "Home at Last"óitís really good and my favorite.

Anyway, I finally gathered up the courage to try finishing a fan fic of my own. Iíve always wanted to submit one to a homepage and see it put up. My computer doesnít have Internet and even then, building a homepage is beyond me. In trying to think up of a good idea, I stumbled on Alucard. Who was one of the most gorgeous 2D guys Iíve ever seen.

I thought that was the last straw. I mean, this guyís a video game character from Castlevania: Symphony of the Nightóa game thatís so EFFING hard, I canít even play it! Sure, Alucard was bloody gorgeous and sure, his backstory was cool but still, heís a video game guy! Meanwhile, my brother was already screaming with frustration at the thought of finally finding a video game he couldnít beat. So, he sent me off to surf the Net to find out how to survive the game. I found what he wanted and at the same time, I found out I wasnít alone in my crush on Alucard. There were plenty of SHRINES to this guy too, with fan fiction as well.

Writing a fan fic on Alucard was loads of fun. Iíd been doing my own original stories about vampires ever since I first picked up Bram Stokerís Dracula (the book, not the movie). Al sort of decided to move into my imagination and demand attention. Off I went and finished one whole fanfic in a couple of days. I mustíve totally surprised Elaine when I asked her to look at the first fan fic Iíve actually managed to complete properly and be proud of. Can you put it up on your site, if you think itís okay? I ask. Sure, she goes.

So here it is. The fanfics Iíve done here is a merging of the Castlevania universe and my own original world. Players of the Castlevania games may notice plenty of inconsistencies here. I donít know everything about the Castlevania world so what I donít know, I usually make up on my own. In fact, Iíve noticed some inconsistencies about how Castlevania does Draculaís backstoryósee "The Bargain" for these observations.

An infinite supply of THANK YOUís to Elaine for putting up my stories on her website. And for being so patient with my raving about Al for the past couple of weeks.

Disclaimer: Castlevania belongs to Konami and the original character of Dracula belongs to Bram Stoker. The Revenants, Prince Kristoff and his cohorts are my original characters. No copyright infringement is intended, no moneyís being made off this, itís all just fun.

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