Beyond the Fall

(Part III)

By: Ryquest

Ranma and Shuichi stood in the middle of the dojo. The rest of the Tendo family and Ranma’s father sat near the side wall, eyeing the two competitors with interest. Both seemed to be relaxed and composed, though Ranma had a smug, challenging smile on his face. Shuichi’s face remained impassive even as emerald eyes took on the stance of his opponent and studied his every move. There was a tense atmosphere in the air as the combatants were waiting for the other to signal the sparring match to begin.

Finally, Ranma nodded slightly and lunged ahead, fist lashing out in a flash. Shuichi watched as Ranma charged forward, and Ranma was surprised that Shuichi had not made a move to dodge or counterattack. This should be easy. I thought there’d be more of challenge than this – nan da?! Ranma stared as Shuichi blipped out of target range in an instant, only to appear behind him. Shuichi launched a kick that hit Ranma squarely in the back and sent him sprawling halfway across the dojo. There was a stunned silence that followed.

"That…that was awesome speed," Akane exclaimed, rising to her feet. "He managed to avoid Ranma’s attack at the last moment. And he made it seem so effortless."

"Admirable indeed," Soun nodded in agreement. "The skill must run the family. Hahaha."

"Oh daddy," Nabiki rolled her eyes, while eyeing Shuichi with renewed interest. He’s definitely going to be worth a lot. Probably more than those pictures of Ranma-chan I’ve been selling to Kunou.

Ranma leapt to his feet and glared at Shuichi who was standing a few feet away with a thin smile on his face. Ranma grinned and dashed toward his opponent, hands and fists blurring. Shuichi dodged his attacks and Ranma began to hold a grudging admiration for his opponent. He moves with such grace and ease combined with great agility and speed. Well, the more I want to defeat him…have to defeat him.

The fight rushed back and forth, always with Ranma on the offensive. And yet Ranma had only managed to get in a few glancing blows as had Shuichi when he occasionally launched a counterattack. The fight took them outside the dojo beside the small pond in the backyard. The audience watched the display of skill between two amazing fighters, enthralled that they both seemed so evenly matched. Finally, Ranma streaked forward, but Shuichi leapt into the air and soared over Ranma. Ranma lost his balance was hurled into the pond.

And the familiar figure of a sputtering redhead emerged. Shuichi blinked in surprise when he found himself staring into the female figure of Ranma. Ranma-chan leapt from the pond and lauched himself at Shuichi. Shuichi was too surprised to react, and he crossed his fists in front of his face to block the attack.

He suddenly found himself in a tight embrace as he stared into fiercely gleaming golden eyes.

"Shashirburi desu ne, onii-chan," Ranma-chan said softly. "It’s been a long time since we last saw each other. A very long time."


"He…she embraced him," Akane said in shock. Then she managed a graceful recovery and charged into the yard, mallet in hand. "Ranma no baka! What do you think you’re doing?!"

Soun and the others followed Akane as she glared at Ranma even as Shuichi tried to disengage from the embrace, a confused yet haunted expression on his face. Akane was about to hit Ranma when she was taken aback, as she found Ranma-chan’s golden-eyed gaze directed at her. Golden eyes? But Ranma has never had golden eyes in his life! Is he in some sort of trance?

"Why don’t you introduce me to your friends, onii-chan?" Ranma-chan turned to Shuichi, who was staring at him with narrowed eyes.

"Who are you?!" Shuichi exclaimed. She laughed and reached out to touch his cheek. Shuichi flinched slightly at the touch. Then his eyes softened even as he clasped her shoulder gently. "Why do you have her eyes…my sister’s eyes?"

"Because I am her," Ranma-chan replied softly. "Watashi wa Koori desu."

"K-Koori-chan?!" Shuichi was taken aback. The others clustered around them, intrigued by this strange situation. Ranma-chan smiled at them then directed her attention to Shuichi, who had gone pale. "Demo…masaka!"

"Not so, Kurama," Ranma-chan/Koori stated. "I have just been born into a different body, so to speak. As have you."

"Uh, excuse me," Akane tapped Shuichi on the shoulder, "but would you care to explain what’s going on here?!"

"Gomen, Akane-san," Shuichi mumbled. Then he sighed as he swept his gaze over the others, who were watching with wary but interested eyes.

"Minna," he began, clasping Ranma-chan’s head fondly, "allow me to introduce you to my imouto, Youko Koori."

I don't know if anyone saw that coming, but our insane ideas are coming to play! (insert maniacal laughter f/x) This is a YYH/Ranma 1/2 crossover, a product of caffeine overdrive and midnight summons. ^^ Standard fanfic disclaimers apply. Comments/suggestions, just mail to ryquest!

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