The world of books is a rather large and complex one. Yet many dare venture into the hobby called reading for entertainment, for research purposes, or simply to discover something new. Whatever the reason, people read books of various types, depending on their need or natural inclination.

The books that I will feature and recommend in my site are anime-related or sci-fi/fantasy related and have all been taken from the extensive catalog of Amazon.Com. One will find that their prices are fairly reasonable, and the ordering process somewhat simple and convenient. This site is a verified associate of Amazon.Com.

And so to proceed with the recommendations...

Note: Click on the image beside the titles to proceed.

The Anime!:Movie Guide
The Complete Anime Guide
Manga,Manga:The World of Japanese Comics
Official Final Fantasy VII Strategy Guide
Adolf:A Tale of the Twentieth Century
Maisson Ikkoku, vol. 1
Ranma 1/2, vol. 1
Hobbit, or There and Back Again
The Towers of the Sunset
The Chaos Balance
The White Order
The Soprano Sorceress

More recommendations as well as detailed summaries to come!

Contact me for information on book titles or for requests. Thanks!

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