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Gamebook Writers
All members of Moloch's Gamebook Garden are invited to write sections of the club gamebook(s). All you have to do is let us know that you would like to write something, and we will allocate some sections to you (currently, we do six sections each). If you aren't a member and would like to contribute, go to the site and join up!. It's free, and after completing the fairly simple joining procedures, you can participate in this and all other club activities.

The Roll of Honour (Doom and Gloom)
moloch king (Sections 1-6, 25-30, 49-54, 102, 105-107, 109-110)
Green Knight (Sections 7-12, 31-36, 55-60, 83-88, 111-116)
ffbooks* (61-66, 89-94)
Cpentney (Sections 13-18, 37-42, 67-72, 95-100)
RabbiZhal ?
Razerkat (Sections 19-24, 43-48, 73-76, 103-104)
Lukesgd (Sections 77-82, 101, 108)

*Current Writer

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