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Story Submissions

While I am the editor of this gamebook, all story submissions will be subject to the Knight's Rules. These are:

1. I will accept submissions only from those who have joined Moloch's Gamebook Garden. Club membership is free, and all we ask is that you introduce yourself. Tell us about what gamebooks you have read, your favourite type of gamebook, and/or your comments/suggestions about this gamebook. Both praise and criticism are welcomed, but if you do want to criticise, we would also like to hear how you think we could make it better.

2. All story submissions will be subject to my editing. This will usually take the form of correcting spelling and grammar errors, and possibly making minor changes to make your submission mesh with the previous story sections. In all cases I will try to stay as close as possible to your original intent. However, I will accept no responsibility for ensuring that the spelling, grammar and continuity of your submission are correct - if you make a mistake, and I post it, it's still your mistake! Of course, if you notice a mistake in your (or anyone else's) submission, please let me know and I will correct it.

3. Strictly Adults Only material (especially pornography, excessively violent passages and excessively foul language), or material which may be highly offensive (racist, or otherwise hateful) will not be posted by me. You may have the right to write that stuff, but look for more appropriate forums to publish it. This material may be subject to editing by me (toned down) or rejected outright if it is highly inappropriate.

4. I would greatly appreciate it if all submissions be in simple TEXT (*.txt) format. I may be able to handle submissions in other formats, but this is not guaranteed. I would also like to know which section(s) of the gamebook your submission(s) attach to, and at the end of your submission I would like to know your Gamebook Club name and an e-mail address so that I can contact you if necessary. You can send your submission as an attachment, or in the main body of your e-mail, it makes no difference to me.

5. Send all story submissions to: the Club Mailbox . If you don't see your submission posted within 3-4 days, and you have not received a response from me, then post a message at Moloch's Gamebook Garden. If you would like to discuss the gamebook you can also do that there. Note that you will need to be a member to do either of these things.

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