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Gamebook Survey Results
The following member's responses have been included in this survey: Moloch_King, GreenKnight, ZiggyJuan, Groo the Mighty, Razerkat, Lionrampant, FFbooks and Lukesgd. Your response should be received within 2 days of your sending it, and should be posted here within a week, so if you don't see your name mentioned above, please re-take the survey.

The Questions:
Favorite Series: Fighting Fantasy: 4, Lone Wolf: 3, Way of the Tiger: 1.
Preferred Combat Style: Lone Wolf: 4, Fighting Fantasy: 2, Golden Dragon: 1, No Preference: 1.
Use Frames?: Yes: 5, No: 1, No Preference: 2.
Life Force/Points: Life Force: 1, Life Points: 6, No Preference: 1.

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