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Gamebook Notes

Doom and Gloom
Special Items
Special Characters
Other Information

Special Items
Peculiar Green Moss (2) -1 LP, temp +3 Str (Section 19)
Florescent Moss ??? (Section 30)
Healing Potions (2) restore 2D6 LP (Section 33)
Silver Helm (1) +1 Skill, filters smells from the air (Section 35)
Rune Dice (2) Possible curse (Section 40) or special blessing (Section 55)
Healing Potion (1) restores full LP (Section 41)
Amber Crystal (1) ??? (Section 47)
Shimmering Rainbow-coloured Vial (Potion of Omnipotence): increases maximum Strength, Skill, and Psi by +1 permanently, and then raises all current attribute scores to their new maximum level, including the character's life points. (Section 50)
Amulet of Resist Fear (Section 54)

Special Characters
The old man (Sections 29, 55)

Other Information
The archways (Sections 43, 54) lead to two seperate sets of destinations. The first are normal areas within the dungeon, the second set leads to gateways to other places. The vision your character receives before entering them foreshadows what you will encounter there.

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