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This is a neverending internet gamebook by members of Molochs' Gamebook Garden, for YOU to play! Required to play the game are one (preferably three) six-sided dice, paper and a pencil.

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Character Creation, Attribute Checks and Combat
Doom and Gloom.(Gamebook)    Frames Version   Adventure Sheet
Knight's Quest (Proposed Rules and Format)
Gamebook Club Exclusive: Tomb Time (1999 J. H. Brennan)
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Links and Webrings
This site is honored to be associated with several wonderful webrings. Some other sites we recommend:
Yaztromo's Tales of Yore: Online Fighting Fantasy style gamebooks written entirely by one of our members (ffbooks).
Web Authoring Tutorial: The most useful guide I have found on the net for web authors with beginning to intermediate skill.

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