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This is a neverending internet gamebook by members of Molochs' Gamebook Garden, for YOU to play! Required to play the game are one (preferably three) six-sided dice, paper and a pencil.
Well, kids, if you bought that one...anyway, the site is being revived. In theory; last update: 8-25-01. Keep your expectations low or you'll just get dissapointed.

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You should probably use at least the microsoft IE browser (4.0ish) or Netscape 4.0, although I'm of the opinion that the mikkysoft one is better. That doesn't mean I don't hate them. Ahem. However, this page is so simple that it's probably almost linx friendly...

Note that as Green Knight is gone, I (z'hal) have to take over and updates may be slow, as I am lazy. Also, if it says "I" anywhere, that's ME saying something. No longer true, however, as Green has quite a few pages up I had nothing to do with...and THAT'S no longer true as Green could be anywhere from prison to purgatory to outer mongolia, from my latest contact with him. That is, I haven't spoken with him in such a long time he's had plenty of time to get to any specific point on the globe or in another realm of existance. Lugh will now be updating sporadically.

THIS SITE IS REALLY, REALLY, REALLY OLD. It remembers the days of netscape. I have the balls to mention the name of Netscape. In other words, updates won't be slow, they most likely won't be at all. And if you think "netscape isn't THAT old" check it out: IE version 4.0 and up. 4.0, okay? Back when they actually had competition and therefore were forced to add features, you know?

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Character Creation, Attribute Checks and Combat
Doom and Gloom.(Gamebook) Frames Version Adventure Sheet
Knight's Quest (Proposed Rules and Format)
Gamebook Club Exclusive: Tomb Time (1999 J. H. Brennan)
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Club Survey - Make YOUR opinions known! View the Survey Results

Writer's Corner (for gamebook writers only!)
Unfinished Links
Doom and Gloom Map
Doom and Gloom Link Map
New Story Submissions

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Want to download Pokemon or the gameboy emulator? You can get Pokemon Blue or Red and the Emu by clicking the links below.
Gameboy Emulator
Pokemon Blue Version
Pokemon Red Version
The only difference in red and blue is that some Pokemon are only available with one or rarer with one than in the other, and you are able to play with Blue versus Red on a network. To run the emulator and get things going, just unzip everything into one directory and double click No$Gmb's icon, right click on the screen, double click the harddrive, and go thru directories to find the game you need. The rest of the features are YOURS to toy with.

The gamebook garden now has a new forum set up...changes will be added to it over time, but you can post on it here-
This site is constantly being changed, with new gamebook entries being added every few days. Be sure to visit often, and click the "Refresh/Reload" button on your browser if necessary.

Send all story submissions to the Club Mailbox. Club Members: If you are an active club member and you want the password to the club mailbox, just post a message at the club and either include your e-mail address in the message or send an e-mail with you club name to the club mailbox. The password will then be sent to you.

Links and Webrings
This site is honored to be associated with several wonderful webrings. Some other sites we recommend:
Yaztromo's Tales of Yore: Online Fighting Fantasy style gamebooks written entirely by one of our members (ffbooks).
Web Authoring Tutorial: The most useful guide I have found on the net for web authors with beginning to intermediate skill.

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