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All downloads are in ZIP format. You will need a program like PKZIP or WINZIP to unzip them. To get a full copy of the HTML pages on this site, you will need to download the Frequently Changeing Pages, the Rarely Changing Pages and the Completed Pages.

Document(s) Comments Last Updated
Tomb Time (Text Version) Suitable for printing 21/03/1999
Doom and Gloom (Text Version) Suitable for printing 28/03/1999
Frequently Changing HTML pages Current gamebook page, linkmap, writer's notes and gamebook writers. 25/05/1999
Rarely Changing HTML pages Most of the other HTML pages on this site, as well as other things like sounds and pictures.. 24/04/1999
Completed Gamebook Pages: Tomb Time, D&G Page 1 (Sections 1-30) HTML pages which are unlikely to change. Unchanging
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