THIS CONCERT REVIEW IS FROM: Katie Kulpa, Aloha045@aol.com.
I attended the Red Hot Chili Peppers concert at Darien Lake (outside Buffalo), NY on August 15th. A review of the concert in the Buffalo News said that the Stone Temple Pilots stole the show, but it was Anthony, Chad, Flea, and John that received the loudest cheering, and it was well-deserved. The good vibes from the crowd around us and the explosive performance on stage were overwhelming. Anthony's sexy mohawk and fluid body language and added a great deal to each song. Chad was amazing on the drums and he even came out during Fishbone's performance to get the audience screaming. As expected, Flea's energetic slap-base gave each Chili Pepper's song that unique edge everyone knows and loves them for. Of course, John demonstrated his musical genius on the guitar to keep the crowd pumped. The highlight of the show was definitely the Chili Pepper's best-known song "Under the Bridge" in which everyone in the audience sang and waved their lighters. The sang a two-song encore, and after the concert was over once and forever, everyone left the venue in the best of spirits. I have to say that this one the best concert I have ever attended, The Red Hot Chili Peppers truly are explosive and incredible.

Katie Kulpa

THIS CONCERT REVIEW IS FROM: Indira Molina, indira7@prtc.net.
My Peppers experience LIVE has only been one ( sadly enough for me) at Woodstock 99. It coulsd be worst. they have never played Puerto Rico so I took all my savings and went to Rome NEW YORK just for the Peppers. Not even the testosterone nor the fires could keep me away!!! I dance my ass off! My spirit was stolen by John's guitar. Flea totally blew me away (BUTT ASS NAKED AS YOU WELL KNOW), Anthony gave it allAnd Chad, cool as ever!!! It was worth it waiting three unbareabe days to see the Greatest Bunch of FUNKY SOULS in the UNIVERSE!! Anyway, I had made a pact with a friends and allthe people that know me knows I will do it! If the Peppers play Puerto Rico, I will attend the concert wearing nothin but underwear!!! That's all!! Take Care! Keep the FUNK ALIVE!!

THIS CONCERT REVIEW IS FROM: R B , rach184@hotmail.com.
Last night I went to see the chili peppers in Milwaukee, wisconsin at summerfest. Although the songs they played were great I was REALLY disappointed when they quite playing after about seven songs, especially because we went out turning a tornado warning to see them play. This was not my sentiment alone: the whole pavillion was pretty pissed off. I am hoping it was the city of milwaukee that made them quit playing SO early and not the band. The Foo Fighters were awesome, more involved with the crowd, and played as long as the chili peppers.

THIS CONCERT REVIEW WAS SENT TO ME FROM : Bill #8784 , Smahtasz@aol.com.
Just dropping a line to give you a reveiw on the May 13 show in Providence R.I. I must say I was very disapointed.The actual music performance was pretty good,but Anthony's heart was not in it at all.He never interacted with the crowd,and not so much as a thanks at the end of the show.John played very well,but playing his solo's to the back wall bummed me out.Flea kicked ass, never in my life have I seen the bass played like that!!!It pounded through me like a subway train.Chad was also awesome.He played to the crowd, and even jammed with the Foo Fighters.He was also the last to go off stage and gave a kind "thanx."I don't want to sound like a bitter fan, i'm still looking to get 'tix' to the Mansfield,Mass show, maybe I was the unfortunate recipient of a not so rested bands performance.But with the performance the Foos put on,the Chilis need to turn it up a notch.Still love em' to death though!! Bill #8784

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John Frusciante is not of this world, this society, this dimension, and he proves it with his solo record. Imagine a 2-year old, innocent and open, with the body and responsibilites of an adult. John is that kind of being --inspired, curious and potentially dangerous. He meanders and trips through 28 songs, some with acoustic guitar, some with electric, some with piano, all of them on four-track, with channels often sped up or somehow twisted. Titles range from the disturbing "My smile is a rifle" to the demented "your pussy's glued to a building on fire" to various untitled tracks. It's completely incomprehensible if you listen with a rational mind. But "rational" and "artistic" are parallel paths that never meet. John knows this and you should, too. So listen to this album with the right side of the brain--the creative--side--shut down all logic, and you'll lose yourself in John's comforting, bleeding ministrations. When you regain consciousness, your "normal" world will be devastated. Is this a warning? No, it's an invitation.
- Janiss Garza, RIP Magazine.

"When I was making this music, I had no idea it would ever become a record. I was so located in the spiritual dimension where the music comes from that I literally wasn't aware of the fact that people were going to buy it and play it in their houses." John Frusciante is talking about his new solo album, Niandra Lades and Usually Just a T-Shirt(america), his first release since his traumatic 1992 departue from the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Niandra Lades is a bizarre and challenging recording. Deeply introspective, hallucinogenically meandering, by turns delicate and fitful, it is reminiscent of the late sixties solo albums by Syd Barrett, Pink Floyd's disturbed founder. Frusciante recorded most of the album at his home, using a four-track recorder to capture his rambling guitar work and haunted vocals. He started about six months after he left the group. "No song took more than 3 hours," says Frusciante. "Everything was done in one take. This was a chance to trip my head out and be as free as I wanted. What I expressed in the Chili Peppers was just a smal part of what I'm all about." The word that best describes these intensely private recordings is, perhaps, the word "chilling". Adding to the eerie vibe is the presence of late actor River Pheonix, who contributes a backwards monologue to one track, and sings and plays acoustic guitar on another. It was Frusciante's Hollywood cronies who persuaded him to relase his home recordings. "All my friends - Perry Farrell, Johnny Depp, Flea, Gibby Haynes, and River - begged me to put it out. They told me that, what with all the shitty music that's out there nowadays, this record needs to be out. I eventually gave in."
- Alan Di Perna

LETTERS TO THE FANS : ANTHONY(bits and pieces)
1990: Fanimals - As I write these words to you all, I consider you my equals. Please do not allow yourself to become disillusioned by the fact that I am in a position of relative fame. My existance, my feelings and my dreams are worth no nore or less than yours. You have all put a smile on my soul by expressing your appreciation for what is sacred to me: beautiful music and freedom from the bondage of all that is shallow and close minded during this time of dark ages, in which we live, it is important to support art forms that are real and uncensored. At this very moment I am flying over the blatantly gracious state of Texas. Across the airplane aisle sit John, Flea and Chad. If you only knew what dimwitted morons these guys really are. They closely resemble the dummies in the Volvo car crash commercials, without me they'd be lost. Actually I love them all very much and with out them I would be lost. You may be interested to know that while on tour, I room with John. We are still waiting for the perfect girl to perform the ultimate Tufnel - St. Hubbins with. If you have any information leading to the aquisition of this prospect, please contact your local porno classifieds. Have a wonderful life and do the right thing. Love, Anthony Kiedis. P.S. Though your mind is a terrible thing to waste, please don't ignore your body. Woody Allen said it best: "The brain is the most overrated organ."
1991: Fanthropologists - There's a chimpanzee in my x-mas tree, with a sock on his dick pretending he's me. He shoots me a wink from his loving eye. He's smiling at me and I think I know why. He's watching me slide striaght down the limb of a 50 foot woman, that's five feet of trim I land in a puddle of impervious funk met by a midget in a chinese junk. We laauugh about this together we spat pardon me God are you finished with that. I don't mean to sound like a lysergic clown, but the world is at war and it's getting me down. Yours Truely, Old Fungis Face AKA Swanolicious.
1992: Dear people who read this - Alert yourselves to the presence of a lone man wandering in the desert painted in silver from head to toe for he is the one with the cosmic glow. Porky the pig was never a twig, but he knew when to mget out of podge. I don't know why pussy fish fly and I think I've just seen a mirage. It's easy to philosophize when you're standing under the moon and the sun at the same time. Fell free to send your kisses to me for I have determined that being friendly is the least we can be. You make life what it is, Anthony.
1995: To anyone who's listening - Today it rains. Tomorrow who knows. Today I'm sad. Tomorrow who knows. Shuttled 'round in London town befuttled by a single frown. I own my loneliness. I'm going down. Tomorrow who knows. Anthony.


1990: Dear people who care enough about what we do to write us a letter, I feel like a terrible, inconsiderate rock star writing a generic letter like this to everyone who has written to us. But at the same time, for us to write an individual response to everyone would be a physical impossibility. We've been on tour for the last nine months which makes it hard to even speak a coherent sentence. Also I've never written a letter to anyone my whole life. Sometimes if a person who has written an interesting letter leaves their phone number call them. But most of you don't leave your #'s (and probably for good reason). I would like to take this opportunity to write a few aphorisms of mine just so you don't feel like this letter was written by someone we hire:
1.Artistic expression, sex, and truth are the only things that really matter.
2.Music is the face of God.
3.The best service you can do for mankind is mind your own biznis.
4.Don't ever trust a man who sasys "I am going to kill you in the name of God."
5.Buy an Eric Dolphy record.
Love, John Frusciante (Froo-shon-tay)

1991: Hello, We are going to Hawaii tomorrow to play a couple of shows, breathe underwater, and jump off cliffs into clean water. About a week after we get back we are going into a mansion to record our record which means that by the time you're reading this, we will be in the middle of the recording. Studios can feel like a plastic toilet seat sometimes so, by doing our record in a house we will capture a real warm feeling and lots of laughter. We have so many new songs and I am so happy that Anthony, Flea, Chad and myself have grabbed the music by it's invisible tail in the air where it was a bunch of bodies of cosmic dust and turned it into a bunch of songs that will make many people happy for as long as this planet manages to stay around. We have written so many different styles of stuff and it is all beautiful, powerful, magical, soulful, etc. to infinity. I personally have been painting just about every day and it cleanses my soul and helps me do the only thing I want which is to stay as creative as possible in as many ways as possible. If there is anyone reading this who doesn't already play music or write stories, or write poetry or painted or draw or gamble or anything you should go to the art store, buy some water colors and paper and throw paint on the paper, and see what happens. Don't try to be good, just do it for fun and you will realize once again that you are alive and wide awake. Take advantage of it! Love, John Frusciante.

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