big day out

FLEA, JOHN, ANTHONY & CHAD ROCKED MY WORLD!! Finally, the day came that me and my friend Magda(member #8403) were waiting 2 years for. It was the highlight of my whole life. We first saw the kings at Big Day Out on Jan 30th. They went on at 8:45pm, we got there at 11am so it was a long wait! Honestly saying, all the other bands(except Nine Inch Nails and Foo Fighters, they were excellent) had no rhythm or emotion in their music, and after 11 hours of listening to Grinspoon(where I got stuck in the moshpit, and some heavy guy was crowdsurfing, fell on me and i almost broke my neck!) Jebediah, Blink 182, etc etc, I was so hyped up when the peppers came on! John came on first, TOPLESS and looking ever so sexy and energetic, then Anthony, Chad and Flea came on. There were so many people out there that me and magda couldn't see anything. I went around to every big guy around me and asked if they could put me up on their shoulders. After 5 tries, I found some really nice guy who finally agreed. Once I was on his shoulders I could see absolutely everything! Me and Magda made special identical RHCP singlets which stood out very well. We drew the logo on the front in red, outlined with glitter, and we stuck on the front our purple fanclub stickers(hopefully Anthony saw!). I also had ANTHONY written on my left arm, Flea on my right, and Magda had John and Chad on hers. I sang to every song with all my heart.

moshpit massacre!

NOW to the concert on Feb 1st at the Melbourne Ent. Center - the most energetic and soulful concert of all time. It was 2 days after Big Day Out, and I was still tired because of lack of sleep. Once again, we had our special RHCP singlets on. We got to the Entertainment center at 5pm, and already 50 people were waiting outside. The doors opened at 6:30, we walked in and straight away walked to the very front so we could see everything. The opening 2 acts were CrazyTown and Magic Dirt. Before the peppers started their show, Flea's 93 year old grandma came on the stage! Everyone was cheering for her. They came on at 9:30, starting with the intense and alive,"Around The World". I went absolutely crazy! The playlist was very good, mixed with old and new songs. I kept screaming out with my friend,"ANTHONY,PLAY 'NEVERMIND'!" It was so loud nobody could hear us unfortunately. Throughout the middle of the show, they played Sir Psycho Sexy, it was probably the song I went most crazy on! John sang his solo and it was so beautiful, it almost brought tears to my eyes. He looks excellent with his new haircut, just like old times. Speaking of solo's, Flea sang 'Pea' and the audience sang along with him. Chad threw around 10 drumsticks into the crowd, but I didn't catch one. Anthony was rockin', I've never seen him jump around that much! They played for over an hour and when they said thank you and got off the stage, the whole stadium started chanting,"WE WANT MORE,WE WANT MORE" after 10 minutes they came back on and played 'Soul 2 Squeeze', 'Search and Destroy' then to finish it off, Flea and John played a 10 minute solo which almost made me faint. Flea's bass was so intense and powerful, John's guitar tunes were nothing like I've heard before. These trippy flashing purple lights came on too during the solo. During those 10 minutes, it was like I was in a totally different world. The bass vibrations traveled in and out of my body and John's guitaring skills blew my mind. I closed my eyes and almost fainted, I was so much in love with their music! Overall their beautiful music has given me happiness and so much love. I LOVE YOU GUYS TO DEATH!!

A LITTLE NOTE 4 DAYS AFTER: Yep it's me again. It's funny how always after the highlight of your life something has to go wrong. All of my friends that went to the concert got bronchitis 2 days later!! I'm sitting here with a fever and not feeling to well...oh well, going to the concert was worth it!





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