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LAST UPDATED : December 09, 2004

TROUBLEKIDS IN FUNK HEAVEN - Pepper's site containing lots of pics (try the Lebedeva gallery!), discography including singles and rare, filmography, articles, news straight from the horse's mouth, etc.Check it out and judge for yourself:-)
TASTE THE PAIN - Has practically everything about the peppers that you need!

Here's a list of some great dedicated chili links. If you would like to add your link to my page, CLICK HERE. I will check it and it will be added as soon as possible :-)



JUMPING FLEA - New site: Here you will find Pictures, Bass Tabs, Information, Interviews, Quotes.
Mike B the Flea- contains pics,news,tabs, anything related to Flea.
FLEA FLY FLO FLUM - a f***ing excellent page on flea!
FLEA FLY FLO 85 - Owned by Melanie, contains flea biography, pics, flea mail, tattoos, videography, quotes by flea, interviews and more.


A MAN WITH A PLAN - Includes everything on Anthony.
GET ME TO ANTHONY KIEDIS - this site is crammed with Anthony pics...enjoy :)
KIEDIS FREAKS - a kiedis freak webpage.


John Frusciante Forum - a Brazilian forum for John, come in and share your thoughts.
JANE'S JOHN FRUSCIANTE PAGE - here you will find John's bio, discography and recent news. Takes a while to load though...
BABYSUE'S REVIEW - Ok, first things first, when I visited this site and read her review on John's album, it made my BLOOD BOIL!! What a hopeless woman, she obviously does not know a thing about music. She deserves a kick in the ass.


DAVE'S MUSIC - a page with MP3's of dave's music.
LOVE DAVE NAVARRO - a page created by a dave crazed girl!

CHAD SMITH OF THE RHCP - includes pics of the band & chad, influences, short biography, links & discography.
ALLCHADSMITH.COM - includes some interesting chad facts (i didn't know his middle name is Gaylord), pictures, discography, tattoos, links.
CHAD SMITH ONLINE - Chad Smith Online-features pics ,kit setups and much more dedicated to the best drummer in the world chad smith.


RHCP LYRICS - Cant Find The Lyrics Youre Looking For? Try Here!
X Guitar.Com - RHCP Guitar and Bass tabs from all albums can be found here.
CHILI HEAD - a site owned by Hada, contains pics, tour dates, discography, news and pictures of the band member's tattoos.
FUNKAMENTAL - A new page, includes forum, concert reviews, bio, links.
CHILI PEPPER LAND - Chilipepperland contains a lot of pics, you can vote for your fav pepper and song, cool art by Hillel Slovak and discography. The links page needs to be expanded more.
STAR OF AFFINITY - owned by Colt Keller, a very original page(unfortunately the only way to enter it is by having to click on Flea's ass! hehe)
MUSICBRAIN - a dutch red hot chili peppers site with cool new information, movies, stream, and lots of other stuff
FUNKINRAGEOUS - a site worth visiting
CALIFORNICATION - californication lyrics
CHILI HEAD - owned by Hadas, containing discography, lyrics, pics, poll, and info about their equipment.
SIKIMANIKO - a site owned by 'First Born Unicorn', contains polls, message board, discography, history,a lot of stuff about John.
RHCP - very nice intro, and has a lot of content :-)
REDPEPPERS - A chili site written in Danish (i'm presuming it's Danish...if i'm wrong please tell me!)
RED HOT PAGE - an unofficial rhcp page
CIRCUS - a Red Hot Chili Pepper Circus
UPLIFT MOFO PARTY PLAN - Good site, containing Discography, quiz, etc.
NEW YORK REVIEW - Check out Janice's new york review page, contains cool pics from the August 12th show
RHCP MILLENNIUM - "The Spirit of the Chili Peppers"...join this group to discuss the peppers with other members, participate in polls, give aways, look at photos and daily news.
YAHOO PHOTOS - a photo collection of Anthony.
I LOVE RHCP - a crazy dedication to the chili willies.
ONE BIG MOB Features news only so far..mp3s are being added. Still under construction.
NEAB - neab is the interactive culture that has news info and links and more about music (which includes a great deal of red hot chili's), games and films
CALIFORNICATION in DANISH - This new site has been created in Danish, consisting of News, Bios, History of the band, etc. You can also read this page in English. Created by Kamilla Jorgensen.
FRENCH FUNKY MONKS - 'A french site about the most crazy band in the world...'
FREAKY STYLEY - A page containing a quiz, tour info, tabs, and pepper quotes.
Me & My Friends Radio - RHCP/JF 24 Hour Radio
REDHOTMP3- Free Chili Pepper's mp3 downloads.
RHCP EXTREME - an updated chilis site done up by Neil Parmar.
APACHE ROSE PEACOCK - a site containing updated news, links, media.
ME AND MY FRIENDS - a french site with translations of all RHCP songs, rare pictures and more other fan stuff.
ARTIST DIRECT - Free music downloads, videos, cds, Mp3's, bio, merchandise and links.
RHCP MILLENIUM - forum / messageboard where you can share your opinion on the peppers.
RHCP MEDIA - Red Hot Chili Peppers Media page - you can find rare songs and videos here.
FREAKONATION - a site owned by Ardnac.
RHCP Millenium - a chili pepper is featured fortnightly. Join the forum or visit the site's links.
RHCP Universe Join the Rhcp Universe discussion group!
UNDERWEAR PEPPERS - i like the name of site :-)
RHCP Player - this site has all the songs from the Greatest Hits album ready for you to download
RATE ROCK - feeling critical? Rate Rock allows you give various Chili Pepper songs a rating.
UNDER THE BRIDGE - Under the Bridge is a new site containing MP3's, Pics, Discography, News, Tabs and Links. The MP3's are really good :-)
LIVE ABOVE HELL - a page owned by Aylin, contains discography, lyrics, a picture gallery, bios and more.
RED HOT CHILI RIPPERS - a dutch tribute site to the peppers.
PEPPERINA'S FANWEB - another dutch site...with cool animation and info, pics and posters.
Musicalia > Red Hot Chili Peppers - rhcp in spanish...features recent news, short bio, a few discographies.
POLISH RHCP SITE by SZELUS - this is a highly detailed site with many features (all in Polish). You can purchase concert tickets, participate in 'peppers chat', downloads, view the band's history...it goes on.
RHCP.BOREC.CZ - Slovak web page about RHCP, discography, lyrics, tabs, pictures, news...
RHCP - Latest news & updates - features biography, monthly poll, discography, a decent photo gallery and it constantly informs you of the site's updates.
RHCPfanclub - a Dutch RHCP site
RED HOT SITE - a dutch and english site about RHCP
RHCP Portal - a macromedia empowered Peruvian site on the peppers.
ONE BIG MESS - another Dutch rhcp site
RHCP ROCK - this page has just been put up. So far it features pics, lyrics and a guestbook.
ULTIMATE FRIENDS - "A site dedicated to that hit show Friends but I've added a brilliant photo album of my favourite man Anthony Kiedis, check it out"
OTHERSIDE - a page created with Flash, includes discography,lyrics,photos,links and more.
PARALLEL UNIVERSE - A site owned by Haidee.
STARTOONIST - Chili Peppers Caricature on Poster,T-shirt, E-Card.

THE OFFICIAL RHCP SITE! - the one and only official red hot chili peppers site. Must visit!




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