Dave Navarro playing

DATE OF BIRTH: June 7th, 1967 at 12:31pm
PLACE OF BIRTH: Santa Monica
JOB: Use to be guitarist for the band
FULL NAME: David Michael Navarro
MOTHER'S NAME: Constance Colleen Hopkins
FATHER'S NAME: "Mike" (James Raul) Navarro

Dave lived all his life in Los Angeles. Currently, he lives in West Hollywood. He grew up as an only child. In 1994, his father added to the family tree by having a son called Gabriel James with his new wife(you can hear baby Gabriel crying on the song One Big Mob from One Hot Minute). Dave led a dark life - one of the reasons are because his mother was murdered by her jealous ex-boyfriend.

He attended the Catholic Notre Dame High School, and got kicked out in 11th grade because of his long hair and bad grades. He transferred to a public school and hardly attended(he didn't graduate in 1985). Later on, he received his G.E.D.
Dave began learning piano when he was a child for 2 years, but eventually quit because he didn't enjoy it. When Dave was 12, he received an acoustic guitar from his dad. Dave's cousin taught him a few basic things. One day when he was at a skateboard park, he heard Jimi Hendrix's Voodoo Chile over the speakers. He fell in love with that song and he says that the song changed his life. He went and bought himself an electric guitar, and from that moment on he was playing constantly, so absorbed in his guitar playing, he was unaware of what's going on around him. The first band he joined was called "South Dakota Railroad". Dave's musical influences include: Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin , and Van Halen.

dave playing

Dave met Perry Farrell and joined his band, Jane's Addiction in 1986. The band broke up in 1991. One year later, 1992, Dave was asked by the Red Hot Chili Peppers to join their band after the departure of John Frusciante. He refused to join because they were in the middle of the Lollapalooza tour and he wanted to be a part of the writing process, not just playing the songs off their previous record, Blood Sugar Sex Magik.

Dave with a girl

A year later in September 1993, he was asked again by them and finally accepted. His first concert with them was at Woodstock 1994, and it was the most uncomfortable gig ever. They made him wear this huge lightbulb suit along with them, and he was so nervous and uncomfortable at that time, that he says he forgot there were people out there because of the awkwardness he felt in those suits. After that the band realised it wasn't a good idea so they removed them and played normally.

fashionable dave

Dave stayed in the band for 4 and a half years, throughout that time they released their 1995 record, One Hot Minute. Dave says, comparing to the other records the peppers have made, this one is much darker. Eventually the band started to realise their differences with Dave, and in April 1998 he left the band. He's currently working on a project called Spread.

QUESTION - "What was it like kissing Anthony?"
DAVE - "It was really weird man, you know what I'm saying?"
CHAD - "I think he liked it more than you did."
DAVE - "He kinda darted his tongue in my mouth..."
CHAD - "He slipped the tongue in..."
DAVE - "Ya know I was doing it for the show and he got a little carried away!"

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