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Firewheel Vortex is now smaller, faster, more personal. And with the move to Geocities, it's cheaper, too!

Seriously, as I have done so many times before in my life, I've tried to make my site all things to all people, forgetting that if nothing else, I don't have time to keep up with it all. When circumstances forced me to move my site to Geocities and I realized that every bloody page would have to be modified... I decided to slough many of the less-trafficed pages and focus on the things that have had the best response. So far, that's been my essays, so I want to concentrate on that. As I get them converted, I'll add each existing one in and start writing more as the mood strikes.

I will be rescuing my friends page, but I want to link-check it before I put it up and I'm planning on morphing it into a multiples on the web page.

The great bulk of the Firewheel Vortex site has spun off into the ABUSE site, which continues to maintain a large and growing list of abuse-related sites.

I'll be returning my artwork to these pages, but I've got to redo the pages and some, I'm afraid, isn't going to meet Geocities standards, so I'll be thinking about how to work around that.

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Essays and Personal Glimpses
I'm hoping to add to this area regularly.
King Coming Out Multiple smile Some simple advice on coming out as being multiple.
King Fundamentalism
The Seductiveness of Simplicity
smile A discussion of the risks of extreme Fundamentalism.
King On the Nature of Faith
smile Seeker talks about the nature of faith.
King Bob King on Abuse
This essay resides on the ABUSE site.
smile A pretty good overview with some perspectives you may not have considered.
King The Connection between Kink and Abuse smile Exploring the connection between childhood abuse and/or ADD and adult "kinks."
King Bob King smile Who is this guy, anyhow?
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