Spawn's Curse

If your page has alot of entertainment value, or deals with the following and/or near the following content this award is for you. Spawn is looking for URLs that are toys, comics, cards, cartoon, or anything collector type related. Spawn will judge on content handling, page layout, and easy of access on the page. So all of you that want to be "cursed" by Spawn, submit your URL to and you will be notified as soon as he passes judgement to your page. Good Luck!!!!!

If you feel this award is not the right catagory for you, and is a site above all others, then you should click here to go to the Boba Fett's Bounty Award site. You will find judgement more strick, and feel confident that you share your award with only the best. But by no means does this mean Spawn's award is anything to laugh at!!!!! Spawn just cares little for value of the page, only entertainment.

Below you will find those with the Curse. Again, good luck and remember, winners please link the award back to this page.

Receivers Of The Curse

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