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This is yet another fan page of Spawn. I'm mostly presenting it as a discription of who he is for new readers that come along. I designed this site for a great jumpsite to the official Spawn page.

Al Simmons was a mercenary that worked for a secret government group and was assassinated by a fellow mercenary under orders. The original storyline had it that a character named Chapel was the one that killed Al. Due to the departure of Rob Liefeld from Image Comics, Todd McFarlane came up with a new character. This character's name is known as Jessica Priest.

What Spawn is, is a "Hell" Spawn. When he was killed, he considered himself of no religion and went to hell. There he landed and discovered that Malbolgia(the devil)had plans of him becoming a HellSpawn and leading the army of HellSpawns due to his Expertise. He tried to reason with Malbolgia. All he wanted was to see his wife one last time. Seeing this as it was, Malbolgia sent him back, but in a twisted way.

5 years after his death he returned. Now he was engulfed in his "costume" and was hidiously chared. His memory wiped. He was given great power, but also with a stipulation, it was a limited supply and upon exhaulsting the power, he would be banished to hell for all eternity. This "return" was actually a plot by Malbolgia to help train Al for his army. This army is the one in the same that is being built for the great battle of Armagedon, as read in the bible.

After sometime, he started to remember his past. He wanted to go to his wife, and knew he could not in the form he was in. He thought, use his powers to change his form, but upon doing so found yet another "joke" played on him. He was born a black man, and with the powers he had, he was only able to turn himself into a white man. He also learned that his wife had remarried, and not only that, married his best friend.

He has now been trying to somehow get out of the deal, and learned that there is a way. And so the story goes of SPAWN.

Spawn is a very engaging book, and is among the top sellers today. To learn more of Spawn, go to your nearest newsstand or comic shop and buy your copy today. You won't regret it.

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