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Welcome to my Jem fan page. I created this to try to help bring back some of the popularity that Jem had. It was more than just what people looked at the show as. It had great story themes, and very nice animation. Being it was associated to the Jem dolls (since that's what it was originally designed for being is a cartoon to promote the doll), Jem cartoon was catagorized as a girl show and others that didn't give it a chance looked at it as a 30 minute doll commercial. Well as I said, it was a show with well thought out stories and great animation. Since the show won't be brought back as a new cartoon, and really shouldn't due to the fact that it probably wouldn't be the same show, the fans of the cartoon as it aired in the mid 80's want to get it brought back to tv. Maybe even get Hasbro to bring the doll back with better sculpting. Within this site you will find links to several other Jem fan pages, music of Jem, some pics that I'll update as I can, the full background of where Jem came from and what really caused it to be taken off the air, and also find out about what you can do to try to help get Jem back on tv.

I placed this link out on the front page cause if your a Jem fan, you should check this page out and sign up to recieve the Jem Digest distributed weekly.

If you are a fan of the game "The Sims", try these Skins! You can create your own Jem episodes!

Please note, it has been known that some people have trouble with the .cmx files. If you experience a crash with your game only after downloading my skins, remove the .cmx files from your skins folder and restart your game.

Aja - Her clothes are taken straight from a character layout design! The hair isn't exact to Aja, but you have to take a small loss in the game sometimes.

Jem - This is the one everybody wants! She's my second skin to make, so I hope it turns out well!

Kimber - Jem's sister! She wears her outfit seen in the majority of episodes!

Pizazz - The Misfit everyone loves to hate! Put her into you Sims neighborhood and add "pizazz" to your game!

Rio - You can't have Jem without Rio! Now make Rio fall for Jem in the game, or anyone else even!

Roxy - To continue the Misfits family, you gotta have Roxy!

Shana - The other Hologram that you have to accept how the game maps hair. Shana's hair didn't work out to be just like the show, but I think she did pretty good!

Stormer - The last of the 3 Misfits! This will complete your collection!

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