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Boba Fett is the most feared mercenary of them all. His armor is said to be from a supercommando force known as the Mandalorians. This was never directly said in the trilogy, but was listed as such in spin-off material that it is just accepted. It is unclear whether Boba Fett is the last Mandalorian (or even one of existing), or whether he took the armor in combat with a Mandalorian, or anything of his exact origins. This however is the biggest breeding ground for why he's such a cult icon. It's become known in newer material that Mandalorian warriors were enemies of the Jedi during the Clone Wars. The ties they shared with the Dark Side though have been lost in the past. The assumption is that the Mandalorians were defeated and reduced in number to the point where Boba Fett scavenged the armor for himself. The upcoming trilogy might show us atleast one battle scene between the Jedi and Mandalorian. There may be something shown whether the Mandalorian were mercenaries. But either way, there should be a high probability that there will be an army of Boba Fett looking warriors.

Boba's spaceship is known as Slave 1(See animation above). From written materials, it is said that he has implanted chips and other technology throughout his armor that ties dirrectly into the ship. It's even been hinted that some may even be dirrectly implanted in his head. This is a very agile ship and is more than able to get Fett out of many situations.

Ok, people have witnessed Boba's "death" in Return of the Jedi, however, since that movie it's been written that he has survived and climbed his way out of the pit sacrificing his armor, and inflicting injury to himself scarring him very badly. Then using Slave 1, destroyed the Sarlac. Lucas says "Let him die, let him die", But through his popularity, he's managed to survive his creator.

The original concept for stormtrooper's design is the actual birth of Boba Fett. Original concept drawings were of Boba Fett style armor stormtroopers, which later evolved to the white suit we now know them as. As Empire Strikes Back came along, arists were asked to design an armor warrior for use in the movie, and the original sketch of the stormtrooper was brought to life. Since then, Boba Fett has taken the galaxy by storm and collected many bountys.

The Armor of The Bounty Hunter

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This is an artist's concept of Boba Fett without the helmet.
Nobody knows for sure his true look, but this pic does make alot of
sense to me. I mean with his tracking skills, speed, and moves, it
would be an obvious thought that he'd be cat-like, and a Puma fits well.

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Slave I


Shadows of the Empire

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