Boba Fett's Bounty

Boba Fett's Bounty is given only to those who have an outstanding page. If you have graphics, and a page layout that is above all others then this award will be yours. It is only for the page that are above all others. But remember, Boba Fett is very tough, the toughest bounty hunter in the universe so you won't get his bounty easily. He is rather fair on giving out an honorable mention, and this still comes high on his list. But if he just doesn't like your page, he cannot honor you with his award of anykind. So all of you that want to be judged by Fett, submit your URL to and you will be notified when he is within this galaxy to see your site. Good Luck, and may the Force be with you???? Nahhhh, May your Bounties be Plentiful!!!!!

If you feel that this award may not be for you, or your page falls just below standards, or is just put up as an all out entertainment page, click here to go to the Spawn's curse award site. Spawn is slightly(very slightly) more forgiving than Boba Fett.

Below is the winners within the catagory of this award. The Best of the Best naturally gets top billing and are the first catagory to be listed. Again, good luck and remember, winners please link the award back to this page.

Winners of the Bounty Award

Maggie's World

Your page?

Honorable Mention
Pages that are well done, and worth a visit, but just not quite up to Boba's standard

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