Characters of Jem

Jem - She is the main character. She's Jerrica Benton. Jem is a holographic projection created by the use of Synergy (See below). Jerrica is the voice of Jem. (Britta Phillips is the actual singing voice)

Kimber - Jerrica Benton's sister. She the one that usually is heard saying all the catch phrases of the show (outrageous was her main thing to say). She in my oppinion was made to sound real valley girlish. She plays keyboard for the Holograms

Aja - Full name Aja Leith. She grew up in Starlight house. Raised with Jerrica and Kimber as a sister. She was Jerrica's mother's first Starlight girl. She plays Guitar for the Holograms

Shana - The fashion designer of the Holograms. She played drums in the begining, and later played guitar when Raya joined. She's also Jerrica and Kember's foster sister.

Synergy was designed by Jerrica's father for other uses than Jerrica ended up using this computer holographic projection system for. When he passed and Jerrica stumbled on it, that is when the whole world of Jem started.

Pizzazz - The lead singer/leader of the Misfits. She's from a rich family. Her mother died at an early age and her father used money and gifts to show his love in what was an attempt to keep her happy. He'd do anything money could buy to try to conteract her moods. The Misfits even came out of this. Her feuds with Jem are on one part envy, and another part anger that Jem stole the spotlight from her.

Stormer - She joined the group out of self doubt of herself. She's the one that keeps the group going in their reality. She had left them at one point but returned after seeing how much they really needed her.

Roxy - She's the one that's the most true to her appearances. Pizzazz is due from spoiled brat type personality, and Stormer from fear and wanting a place to fit in, Roxy's is true all out street harden. She'd do what it takes to get what she wants.

Riot - He is from a military background. His father was very critical of him and wanted him to join the military. He eventually gave into his father, but later went AWOL. He met Rapture through a band that he came to be the lead singer of called Nirvana (yup you read right). After a dispute later, He, Minx and Rapture formed The Stingers and left Nirvana. It was after this his ego began to grow tremendosly.

Rapture - She's into the supernatural and strange happenings. She's actually been able to convince people of different things such as she acted as a medium channeling Houdini to another time she had a town in Greece believe she was a mystic oracle. She's the guitarist of the group.

Minx - She's known Riot for a long time. She has a nasty attitude but has a way with men. Rio is the only man that's ever turned her down. She plays synthesizer and even builds them.

Others That Were Main Characters

Starlight Girls - Jerrica Benton's adopted girls. Jerrica's mother Jacqui ran a foster home called Starlight House. Her father kept the Starlight House running and later after his death Jerrica inherited it. The girls played large roles on the show. The main three featured were Ashley, Krissie, and Banee. Jerrica kept the place running through the Starlight Foundation with Jem charity concerts. More can be found about them on several other Jem pages. Eric Raymond - He's pretty much the villian of the series. He does what he wants to get his way. He was once co-owner of Starlight Music (Jem's music label) but lost it to Jem in a battle of the bands competition. He is now Full manager of The Misfits and The Stingers.

There's a ton of other characters that I'm not mentioning. The show was full of many great character ideas. Click here to go to a site that has a more indepth look at the chracters profiles.

This list is very brief discriptions of the characters. There's more info on them on other Jem Pages. I put a brief discription here so that those who don't know anything of Jem could get a small idea and then carry on the the other sites that get more in depth.

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