Hi, my name is Simba and meowme made this page just for me. I came to my new home when I was 7 weeks old. I was born outside because my kitty meowme was a stray. All my other brothers and sisters got homes before me and finally meowme came for me. At my new home I met my 2 big sisters, Priscilla and Raven. They were mean to me at first, always picking on me because I was small. Meowme always looked out for me to make sure I was ok. Now I got lots of kitties to play with...and I love to play. My favorite past time is playing with my toy mice. That is until I lose them and then meowme has to look all over to find them again. Meowme sometimes plays fetch with me and I bring the toy mice right back to her. I am very happy to have just become a member of CLAW. The biggest kitty club on the interent. I am a Level 1 member and I am in the Messy Cats Support Group. I am also a member of the Furship Guild. Please check back because meowme told me she would put my pictures up for you to see.


CLAW Furship Guild

SASSY Proud Member

Tigger's Shelter Cat Club


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