Hi, my name is Raven and meowme made this page just for me. I am a 5 year old black domestic short hair kitty. I have 4 brothers and 1 sister. Meowme adopted me from a shelter when I was 5 months old. When meowme brought me home I met my sister Priscilla. She didn't like me at first, and I didn't really care for her either. But now everythings ok, as long as meowme doesn't bring home any more kitties. Sometimes I get really nervous, especially around male humans. I like to spend my days laying in the sun *purrs* and my nights playing with my brothers and sister. My favorite treat in the whole world is being able to lick the plastic lid from a butterscotch malt. I'm the smallest of all the kitties and I'm also the fastest runner. I am very happy to have just become a member of CLAW. The biggest and best kitty club just for us kitties. I am a Level 1 member and I am in the Purr Scouts and also the Relaxed Kitties Society.


Purr Scouts

SASSY Proud Memfur: Raven

Tigger's Shelter Cat Club


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A Cat's Eye View


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