Hi, my name is Priscilla and my meowme made this page just for me. I came to my new home on a really cold day in December of '94 when I was only 8 weeks old. I was born outside because my cat meowme was a stray, so I was really happy to finally have a home and a warm place to sleep. I was the only kitty so I had the place to myself. Plus, I got all the attention in the world. *purrs* My meowme always called me her little ball of fur. Over the next few years meowme brought home other kitties. At first I was really mad and I spent most of my time hissing or growling at them, but now they are ok kitties...most of the time. So now I have 4 brothers and 1 sister. Meowme made pages for them too. At times I can be a very demanding and vocal kitty, but I know my family loves me anyway. Meowme bought me lots of nice beds, but I prefer to sleep in my cardboard box because thats my favorite place to be. I am very happy to have just become a member of CLAW. The biggest club for kitties just like me. I am a Level 1 member and I belong to the Animal Rights Guild. I also joined the Chubby Kitties Anonymous Society because meowme says I could lose a few pounds.


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SASSY Proud Memfur: Priscilla

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