Hi, my name is Casper and meowme made this page just for me. I was found in a Mc Donalds garbage can when I was about 5 months old. Meowme fell in love with me the first time she saw me. At first she named me Nala because meowme thought I was a girl kitty. *hiss* I am not a girl kitty and I let her know she had to rename me. I am a blue eyed kitty and meowme thinks I'm part siamese because of my coloring. I am the dominant male of the household and my job is to keep all the other kitties in line. I like to sit up high on my condo and watch what everybodys doing and sometimes I'll wander around to make sure everythings ok. I can be very vocal at times and meowme says I'm just hollering to hear myself. I am very happy to have just joined CLAW. Its the biggest kitty club on the net. I am a Level 1 member and I am in the Fuzzy Kitties Association and also the Math Guild. I hope to make lots of kitty friends there. Well, soon you should be able to see pictures of me...if only meowme would hurry up.


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