Hi, my name is Ben and meowme made this page just for me. I am a 5 year old orange kitty and I am a twin. My twin brother Jerry and I got adopted over Thanksgiving of '95. We came to stay with our new family temporarly and meowme loved us so much that she convinced her family to let us stay. We had been in need of a home until that time. I had a really hard time adjusting to my new home since there was already 4 other kitties there. I hissed and batted my paws at everyone and was even really mean to my own brother. I am fully adjusted now and I love my home and all my brothers and sisters. I still spend lots of time sleeping and playing with my real brother. Jerry's smaller then me so I protect him and look out for him. I am very vocal to all my humans. When they come home, I always tell them everything that happened while they were away. My favorite thing to do is drinking water from the kitchen faucet. First I get right under it and let the water run down my neck, and then I lick it off. Then after I'm done I shake the excess water from my fur. My humans hate that, but I think I'm cute. Most other kitties hate getting wet, but I don't mind. I have one bad habit that frustrates my humans more then anything. I like to lick plastic bags. I guess you could consider me a strange kitty of sorts. I am very happy to have just become a member of CLAW. The biggest cat club there is, just for us kitties. I'm a Level 1 member and I joined the Friends of the CLAW Theater. I hope to meet alot of new friends in CLAW. Check out my first award from Cosmo. I got it just because I'm orange.


Friends of CLAW Theater

Romeo and Juliet

SASSY Proud Memfur: Ben

Tigger's Shelter Cat Club

My 1st Award
Cosmo's Orange Award
I'm proud to be orange!!


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