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When I first started my website, I was just going to have pages about my cats. But after seeing banners on other websites and reading stories of abuse, I knew I had to do something. It was then that I decided to make this page. By adding this page to my site, I know that I am helping to spread the word. Reading these stories of cruelty and abuse and seeing these pictures breaks my heart. It also makes me very sick!! It doesn't seem possible that people that can do this to animals and feel no guilt!! But it is real and it is happening. Some people that have committed these crimes are still out walking the streets!! They need to be punished to the fullest extent and pay for the crimes they have committed!! Read the stories, sign the petitions, and help spread the word. We are the animals only hope!! Please don't turn your back on them. We must all work together to stop these horrible crimes!!

Make Animal Cruelty a FELONY in Georgia.

Hope survived this abuse, but most animals don't. Please sign the petition to bring her killers to justice.
Hope's Story Killed For Fun

The Remember Ninja Project.
Ninja Project

Convicted child abuser kills animals.
Child Abuse and Animal Abuse

The cycle of violence.
Children and Animals

The 16 year old girl who turned in the killers of a cat.
Animal Abuse Alert

Show your support and join The Blue Ribbon Crusade.
Blue Ribbon Crusade

Very informational site on animal welfare.
Pawprints and Purrs Special Interests

Join The Team.
The Animals Hope Petition Team

Join The Ribbon Campaign.
Noah's Ark and Olivia

Be a PAAAW Supporter.

Webrings against animal abuse

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