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Iwo Jima Memorial "From the halls of Montezuma, to the shores of Tripoli..." Marines have fought brilliantly and courageously since 1775, maintaining a proud tradition of being the best of the best. Never once has a Marine left another wounded or dead in combat. Two Marines have each earned two Medals of Honor. Astronaut John Glenn was a Marine. Despite having to rely on hand-me downs from other branches, and many times being in danger of disbandment, Marines have proven that they are matched by no one.

These pages are dedicated to the men and women who have and will earn the title of United States Marine.


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History of the Corps

Welcome to the new version of The Marine Corps Resource. I hope I have achieved my goal of making these pages more appealing to the eye. If you have any comments about the new layout, or the contents, please send me an email.

Marine Corps Trivia

Which Marine held the position of commandant for 39 years? (June 4/98)

Check back in a couple of weeks or so to get the answer to this installment of Marine Corps trivia.

The answer to the last trivia question, 'Name the first female Marine officer.' is: MAJ Ruth C. Streeter, in 1943.

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