U.S. Navy Hospital Corps

U.S. Naval Hospital Corps,
A tradition of service in peace and in war;
Hallmarked by Honor,valor, resourcefulness,
Ingenuity and never failing responsiveness
To Duty's call at sea and in the field.
These tireless Corpsmen never yield
In the face of danger or adversity,
But carry on their mission of mercy
Paying too often the ultimate price,
Offering their lives in sacrifice
That shipmates might live and return to station
In the honored service of our Glorious nation.
Name the battle: they were there
Behind the scenes doing their share
They have made their mark on history's pages,
Working efficiently whilst the battle rages ~
Tending the wounded,oblivious to danger,
All things to all men, to none a stranger
At Belleau Wood, Pearl Harbor,Corregidor,
Normady, Truk,The Chosen Resevoir~
And in Viet Nam were known to swelter
Midst the heat and the slime of the Mekong Delta.
Words are inadequate to express our pride,
In the light of history 'tis justified,
In the U.S. Navy Hospital Corps~
A tradition of service in peace and in war.

Harry Miller


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