HN Nisius (Terrio)
1980- Great Lakes NRMC

My battle ground has been a ward Or clinic here at home... The enemy the things attacking Health, muscle and bone. The people I am helping are The loved ones left behind Your families and Veterans Are the patients that I find. The birthing wife who's man is gone To fight so far away... The frightened child facing Surgery at break of day. The young recruit who's beaten On his liberty some night... Or maybe just a cancer patient Losing will to fight. My battle scars are not from bullets Or rocks upon the ground But from other fights for life And, from death, just as profound. It hurts no less to lose someone You've tended day by day Than to see them in a firefight Their life force swept away. So when you praise your corpsmen Who stood by you in the fray, And while you tell the stories Of their actions on some day; When you look back recalling All the things they did for you It wouldn't hurt remembering Those "other" corpsmen too.
1998 J.R. Terrio

The purpose of this has not been to gripe, perse, but to remind all that the WARD corpsman is as vital and living part of the Hospital Corps as the corpsman who is honored enough to get to go and serve with the Marines in action. That the job we do back here and in the many Navy Hospitals and Clinics is just as vital and important as that of our well sung brothers.

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