U.S.N. Hosp. Corps Graphics

The following are a few graphics I have done up for use on USN Hospital Corpsman Pages. If you are doing such a page or have an MIA/POW you have adopted who is a Hospital Corpsman, then please feel free to use what you please. No link needed... no credit needed. PLEASE ... DO NOT link to them here. Right click on your mouse and choose the copy/save image option. Copy it to your HD and load to your own directory. Check back from time to time as I will be adding to these. Also visit my Patriotic/MIA graphics section off the main menues. Thank you. Also... if you have any graphics of patches, devices, etc. relevant to the Hospital Corps or others I could use to make up various graphics with it would be deeply appreciated if you would send them to me *s* Again... Thanks.

corpsman's Pledge

1997 sterrib@datasys.net



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